You can order high quality PRINTS   ( 3 prints for $42 including-shipping to the US size 14 x 11 inches ) ( $48 for Europe or Australia )
- or for larger sizes : contact :

Within our "star-nature" are our tools of Transmutation = Love focuses, balances and transforms our field of energies into wings - our trans-dimensional magnetic / electric "vessels"
"Always fascinated to experience the mystery of " INFINITY " ; the ultimate Source of a not far-distant world... an "here/now" realm and perception.. 
- Simply listening to my " MUSES " :  the Yin Mirrors of our Gratitude, INTUITION and Co-creation. Beyond cultures and genders we are naturally linked with our innate nurturing and innovative YIN... 
Since early age I was painting " Gates or Portals " to connect with the gift of this "cosmic / mind-expanded" state... simply by Living in Harmony with NATURE.
For within each of the big or small beauties of EARTH...  are these magic windows:  our lens into INFINITY and our parallel extra-ordinary lives."
~ JL

                     the Vastness between  the drops of water =  the Stillness between the thoughts

Water Beings
Beyond our beautiful and dramatic " Game of Time & Space " that we craft so well,  our original Home exists in the parallel-quantum-spectrum:  in the Vastness between the DROPS of WATER
and in the Stillness between the thoughts
" Allowing everything to be as it is."  offers a way to go beyond the egoic state… into the Still Place of One
Take off that VEIL over your eye of duality... outside of the linear game, there is no right or wrong on planet Earth, it is simply an illusion of duality.  Start vibrating with your love and your passion: this sets up your own future.
Your Intuition is your bridge to infinite perspectives… Let’m flow 

You are the New Angelic Human Race:  Stewards & Keepers of Earth’s Planetary Grid

Angelic Human
What's happening on the Sun right now, with a very accelerated electromagnetic field...  is creating a massive acceleration into this new consciousness     read more on Facebook
Be like the Butterfly - DNA that changes completely.
This is WAKING UP Humanity with inner higher quantum potentiels  towards "Where no man has gone before"
Choose what FEELS better ... coz your Soul turns your thoughts into Reality

The Dream Of LIFE is “ God Pretending He is Not God " ~ Alan Watts

Dream Life
"Find the sublime in the simple.  Find the stillness in the movement.  Find the one in the many.” ~ Mooji
Fill Your Life With Wisdom & Inspiration!  Happiness depends upon the quality of your thoughts  so why not make sure you get the inspiration you need. ~ Rupert Spira ...


The New Human emerges

Heart Seed
Galactic Frequencies are activating Change : a New Human emerges !  Now is the Time to focus on our true Real Self  Existence - beyond the state of  "person-hood"  into  our  timeless  state  of  " Pure Presence "
Keep quiet!  Being creative from the Heart  - empowering your own Reality with Peace, Harmony and Beauty.
Letting go of all limiting believes and ego-identities  -  Being in your Present Moment:  fully aware of the Vastness deep inside...  while aware of all around.     Who is observing!  the conditioned mind or the Soul?

When in Chaos... hold your own center  for chaos are also new opportunities / lipping evolution / creative Change
There are no wrong-turns, no-one judging... it is a  big Cosmic Game  !   The All Universe and Beyond ... are watching you play!

"the One eye, the One Love ... Go to your True Nature"

Whale Eye -  What you are looking for is already   where you are looking from. ~ Francis of Assisi
Go to your " true place “ -   there is no awakened person - only awakening -   the one who wants to know must it self go.
~ Mooji
Self -Awakening, SELF-REALIZATION ... is the realizing of ones True Nature - the ability to be at any time in a state of infinite Peace - beyond any thoughts,  believes, judgements, feelings, attachments and expectations,  
stepping above the addictive duality of the Ego ups and downs - to conduct or manage our lives from a higher view and with the  perspective from the soul, divine and eternal Wisdom… from the immense realm-state of ultimate Peace and elated ONENESS.

"The eye with which God sees me and the eye with which I see God are the one Eye, the one Seeing, One Love." 
~ Meister Eckhart
The name that can be named is not the eternal Name.    The unnamable is the eternally Real.    Naming is the origin of all particular things. ~Tao
 From I am something to I am nothing could be called the path of understanding or wisdom, from I am nothing to I am everything could be called the path of love.
~ Rupert Spira

What the "true nature of reality"  is ... it's not at all what we think it is ...   because what we are is literally beyond all imagination, what we are is that which is watching...  
watching us pretending to be a separate person, a separate being.  The whole world is a virtual reality and in the same way as human beings, we get programmed - this is called our conditioning or karma.
Thinking the world is good or is bad,  or people shouldn't be like this, or such-and-such shouldn't have happened...   And all the ways that our minds judge the world and condemn the world.
Still.. the underlying reality always functions within us - the intuition, the longing for connectivity, for...  union - to heal this imaginary split. 
~ "Adyashanti

 ONE Mind & Multiverses 

Et Friends
ET Friends  ( or our true Family Gathering ) ...      To contact with wise Star Friends ...   watch Dolphins & Space/Time Beings  : with  ONE Mind, One Ocean and all the Multiverses 

Being Change -   the Conscious inner Peace that builds worlds

Being Change
What is vibration but movement ?!
  -  Now is a time of focus within - rather than outside of the self by Being the Change -  this internal harmony is your first action of change read more on my Facebook
In these moments of Conscious inner Peace,  you are becoming One with the harmony of Life, with the great force that builds worlds. jamie Price

There are multiple versions of Earth Reality, all playing out various possibilities - because the frequency of each Timeline is so different, in 3d. you needed death, as "mental fatigue" causes confusion and disorientation.
Now in 4d/5d your Pineal Gland "switching mechanisms" jump Timelines with a minimum of distress... so rest, if you need to. ... and with calm, nature's guidance, compassion, love and by remaining optimistic and positive
you begin to appreciate the benefits of accessing the New Timelines with its new pathway to Peace & Harmony, that will contribute to the greatest Adventure: the Ascension of all versions of Earth into the New Reality of peace and creation.

The Peace... That Passes All Understanding

Vast Peace
By aligning the mind more with the heart...  you open to a New Peace and to New Perspectives of Loving Life on Earth
More than what the mind had identified with ...     realize your true identity as consciousness itself of a eternal wholeness..
Emerging out of the Ego of forms,  dwell in The Peace That Passes All Understanding
The mind prefers safety and control.  The heart understands the Infinite within a finite experience.
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" I have a humility and a awe for the complexity I don’t understand! " ~ Einstein

The invisible Quantum Patterns of Integration

Time responds to your invisible intent... to your passive force of Love, the invisible resonance with which you create.
As you are and always have been in your deep inner peace the One imperishable, immutable, eternal Infinite-Consciousness   
Find more ways to discover joy even in the Smallest Things.
An entire new world will open up when you will see the patterns of Love  -  The magnetic grids are changing the planet.
You are in space ! And altered by the heliosphere of the sun ( where your solar system is headed ) it's going to modify the Patterns of Consciousness
Step out of duality... and into Quantum where/when everything becomes synchronistic.  Hold this powerful resonance of Love for the Change to Form.

... from within  this  Quiet  Point  of  reference

Quiet Point . . (  to Gregg  W.  :  the Multi-Dimensional Traveler  )
Observing from a very quiet now present moment without judgment or opinion, simply observing, allowing curiosity,
No right or wrong, no duality by not engaging or choosing sides - will bring forth the Dream you‘ve held in your Heart for many eons of time.
Only  you hold  the  consciousness  of  what  is  possible,   deeper inside , you  have  always  been  the  holder  of  the  Dream.
Change for this New Game that  will  allow  the  manifestation  to  occur -  by clearing the old patterns of imbalance within you -  This is the time of action - a time of creation.   
The mind itself does not access new information; that is the realm of passion, love, the heart, the vastness, the unknown. read more on my Facebook
No longer afraid to feel, for any positives or negatives transform into new form within our subatomic Nature informing Life.
~ MasteringAlchemy

your Choice ... your true Freedom... ( by perceiving Wholeness )

“ your soul ” is multiples within multiples of YOU. - It is a soup of infinite Energy and benevolent Love in a system of quantumness that cannot be quantified or qualified.
The disguise you have is the perception in 3D, and it's a joke - a limited dimensional trick.
Yet even though there is this veil of 3D, many of you are starting to see a bigger truth. via the ability to sense love… this fabulous Potential!

Now you love, now you change, now you're walking with Spirit!

- Multiple Dimensions & multiple Truths -

multiple Truths
Now a new conundrum arrives with a whole series of choices. All we see, are reflections, for we're playing a game of creators, even unconsciously.
Use the healing tones, the wave patterns and overtones of planet Earth… or by simply taking responsibility, you'll hit the harmonics… and by magic this will affect your world

- There are many vibrations of love. Find one and build on it, these are the harmonics to the Higher Earth Octaves, with her holograms of Multiple Dimensions and multiple Truths

Flowers of the Stars - 2016 is awakening our Universal Holograms: Templates of the return to Timeless Union...

Flowers of the Stars
... a Conscious Evolution for the New Realities: ( 5th- 6th - 7th Dimensions, etc.. )
2016 = 9 = a year of Completion and Transition, before New Beginnings. The Embodiment of Multi-Dimensional Mastery : is how to work with the Frequencies & Resonance within and to activate our awareness of the " Law of ONE "
which is understanding Quantum Unified Field.
And with the God/Goddess Energy: the Muses of Inspiration, we are weaving the coming magical stories of our Lives. read more on my Facebook

Now is Plan B ... getting solutions from Dimensions closest to you.

" In the dimension closest to you, they have just resolved the situation ... so hold a little bit of hope. Why?   Because the vibrational walls are becoming mighty thin now and you are going to see some bleed through.
It isn’t your responsibility to fix the world ... We need you full of energy, full of life, and full of rhythms. ... send a graceful energy all over the planet.   That is your responsibility and it is what you came to do.
So you made it to Plan B ( Plan A: Earth did not end ) ... Now we are excited to see what you can build and do with this place.    You have a beautiful garden planet in the universe. "
~ the Group
Focus on the positive. Enjoy the areas of discovery of all kinds of planet Earth.  Weave with your imagination and create the Dream of this New Earth.     Read more on:

Our journey now involves harmonizing the various Sub-Dimensional levels of Sentience.

Stages of Evolution
ALL Creation—the Omniverse at all levels—is Cosmic Energy. . . And the goal for humanity is to integrate each Soul Fragments with these multiple levels of Creation.
"Be in the world, but not of it"
The Will of the Soul and the will of the human personality must blend in order to align with the next higher level of Consciousness.
" Clarity enhances Creativity "

Infinite Energy comes from within each star and planet… and so it is within each of us.

Heavenly Spheres
Now all humans are becoming aware of being multidimensional in nature
Deep within at the base of our power , are our Multidimensional Choices - Only recently we developed the ability to perceive them.
In truth we experience all of the choices at once, or simultaneously but we don’t remember… and that’s ok because it is the beauty of the “ Game - - pretending to be a human "
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<< - Click image below - to watch  this animated " Amplituhedrous Field " 1 minute 3 D. VIDEO - >>

A new "hyper-dimensional" geometry is now available on the Earth plane
our "Heart of One Consciousness" can activate our particles to travel beyond the conventional understanding of Space & Time.
And on within Expansive Parallel Worlds

The Fifth Dimension is a Structure of Unity, Harmony, Balance and Oneness.

You have travelled far in your different incarnations. You have come from a number of planets for the unique experiences that the Earth can give you.
Higher Vibrational Women and Higher Vibrational Men will steward the Earth because they know, how precious it is - and because they hold it in trust for future generations.
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in this Transmutation: Use Gratitude... for All energies are amplified and DNA is changing

Galactic Waves of highly charged particles are activating our DNA : very challenging but eventually the Greatest Transmutation...Gratitude
Letting go of the old and embracing the New -  Slow down and choose carefully what matters -  Approach this transmutation with your own creativity -  Let go of the " what's wrong mind " to focus and trust on your own inner truth

... assist this in grounding, re-centering, and re-purposing your energies, to clear any residue that was brought up and release it so you can make the most of the next months with more expanded potentials.
EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!... Gamma Rays are instrumental in recalibrating Humanity's DNA structures. ... remain open and flexible... Expecting Nothing, Out of the realms of duality... into the realms of the unified matrix and the higher dimensional realms of existence. still and allow,.... There is far more goodness in your world than you would know from mainstream media...into the universe - anything anywhere affects everything everywhere!....By feeling grateful for positive developments and confident, optimistic and excited about Earth's future, you help your society move more quickly toward that magnificence. ( read more on )

the Tunamis of Light and the Return of the Higher Masculine Frequency &  Mindfulness

Rising up with Mother Earth , who has her own Ascension to deal with and looks forward to carrying you up with her.
In your Solar System... the Spheres Alliance will ensure to deflect some of the powerful energies reaching you... otherwise some of you may become overwhelmed by the full force of such powerful energies.

A beautiful Earth will arise out of the ashes of the old... one where peace and love reside.

The Coming! ... of Wave X - Liquid Light Plasma, via our very active Sun & Earth... on this Eclipse & Equinox
are opening Energy Stargates for huge Transformations... that launch us into a New Earth Field of New Paradigms and New Lives.


Like In - Like Out
As far as possible... ignore what is going on around you
(theNews)... focus on your goals and Peace... Remember Life is beyond any believes, Life is Infinite... in mysterious ways our Dreams link us up
with Light Beings Creative Assistance....and where we realize our Souls are already One with All That Is.
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From the Great Central Sun, then Sirius and thru our Sun... ...... ... Waves of ascended energies are pouring out to Earth.

Blue Suns
The power of these new blessings is clearing away what is no longer needed, to ascend into our own power. Advanced galactic tech. is assisting to handle such overwhelming Re-love-ution : a Revelation of a New Life Paradigm
Many Avatars came - like Isis & Osiris, then Jesus & Mary Magdalene... now WE are the humankind to embody the Divine Feminine and Masculine frequencies
surfing the cosmic waves of the New Earth, Solar and Galactic Consciousness... into our original Multi-dimensional Light. With the Sirian Blue Sun's Codes of creative Love frequencies.
( read more on starchildglobal .com )

Soon you will find that "sharing" is a feature of all advanced Cosmic Races

Transmuteo 4
Mastering the Magic Mind - a new cycle of manifestation
"Our Galaxy is shifting our solar system into an "energy zone" that demands, from us, a more expanded and higher awareness of the Unknown as One with our little self "


The Subtle Influences that form Earth...   are in your magic Way you connect with the Unknown.

The Essence of the New Earth  ( this Sister Planet's Energies now transiting within Ceres )  is in the subtle rhythms that connect ALL.
These Magnetics of - Perceptions, Intention and Focus - are what attracts and creates " the material-expression " of these energies into matter.

Here is when our Spirit and Heart shape our future. These are the "subtle energies" that create much of the world around you.
( read more from The group - lightworker. com/beacons )

- where are these Bridges between the Worlds... and   - how the Secret Nature of your "Angels" rests in Interdimensional Reality...

Nature of Angels
". . . whenever you create positive thoughts and positive feelings,  you create biologically positive subatomic angels
that move through the universe of your body.  These force fields create   quantum field effects   that switch on positive biological responses thereby reducing the affects of stress." 
The Hathors

"Raising your vibrations is both a personal aim as well as a collective move to lift you all up.
... The beauty of evolving is that no one is forcing you to progress"

There will be changes of such a nature that...                                        will restore your Earth pristine.

Diamond Age
"You are Masters of Time and Space and you are creating a new timeline for the Earth... in her journey through Time and Space and in yours ... you are working with your Soul, Soul Group and Soul Families.
Your Center is the Heart, it activates the Soul Star into Radiant Rainbow frequencies of Intuition, Love and Creativity.
"She" is the Wise Woman and Warrior, who loves with integrity, and whose focus, as the Great Mother, is on all the "children" of the Galaxy and of the Earth. Her white fire clears away the old, the chaos, the confusion, and creates space for a new creation of Golden frequencies and Diamond frequencies of Higher Expressions of Galactic Love and Blessings."
~ Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn

"Once the revelations commence, you will probably feel overwhelmed ... to note how quickly so much needed changes will immediately lift up your quality of life.
... you will soon experience release from all that has previously prevented you from living a fulfilling life. ... massive beneficial changes are on the way that will lift the quality of life far beyond your expectations.
Soon will come a time when we ( Galactic Beings ) can work openly with you... and not only that your basic needs will be satisfied but you will have more time to pursue your own interests.
We are your future and look forward to enlightening you as to your true history.
~ SaluSa via Mike Quinsey

You are this Planet in Transition -  Earth Matrix Energetic restarts -  from a larger perspective,  trust in a higher force...  observe and act from your intuitions
You are entering the dimensions of Infinity,  realms of infinite possibilities   ways beyond the old 3 D. mind of time & space... now do breath deeply.
"The Dragons tend to the energy structures. In Earth fourth dimension, they hold the main elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light... & adopted many other forms to add a consciously working spectrum to energies such as the Violet and Gem Rays." ~ Tim Whild

Earth Reset - Stay on the positive Time-line - Stay in Alpha state

Earth Reset
Higher dimensions of consciousness requires a fundamental shift in your perceived time and space ...
Your eco-system is in a downward spiral, Wake up! ... and empower yourselves into the greater freedom of the Fifth Dimension... by the activation of your right cerebral hemisphere's ability for spatial mastery.
Dimensional evolution is the development of the ability to be aware of, and to operate within multiple dimensions simultaneously... and into parallel and better versions of Earth.
"When we enter the tenth dimension we become spheres... "
~ The Hathors

New magnetics, new agreements... towards ONE-MIND Consciousness

Mirrors of the Great Mind 1985
"Mirrors of The Great Mind": the ONE-MIND consciousness of Whales and Dolphins with our Planete ( and also our forgotten, yet inherent  inner-knowing state ) ~

Balancing the Power of the Soul & the Power of the Mind: The Soul is the Galactic Voyager... It spins experiences and stories into manifestation
and into your Fifth-D.imensional New Earth.
From 3D. to 5D. ... on Earth, all structures are in transition, but it is much more of a Transition of Consciousness and how our agreements operate in a manner that
supports the Well-Being of All Lives.

Now is the Time of the Crossings :


: the access to the many choices beyond the 3D Veil of limitation and on towards your multiple parallel dimensions ... where Life is One with Infinity.
How to Change Matrix!... at a quantum view "You Are the Bridge into the New Paradigm" and without judgment you can find much more of who you really are...
Gain the best of each dimension; that is the blending of the multidimensionality looks like.

Red Dragon = the Tesseract Keeper or the keys Steps of Evolution...        from our inner "Silence" ... the Cosmic Restart and the Cauldron of Renewal

Red Dragon
The Universe is responding to both our frequency and intention.   Creating space for new and different energy to enter life.

All outdated patterns that reinforce illusions of separateness and pain are rinsing away now.       This transition is the gateway to our future of living in love and unity.

... unlocking our Truth with WATER

water key code
The Water Key Code is a geometry that unlocks the informations stored within the molecules of water of our bodies ...
revealing the Truth about who we are, where we come from and our higher purpose on Earth.

For billions of years, Water has witnessed everything on the Earth.
The Water Code is the key to the recorded, transformative and healing energies of Light and Water.
~The Water Code - by

Across the veils of chaos ... enter "Sirius" Light Codes for the next phases of the Transformation... with the pristine New Earth Seed-Creations.

Sirian Seed

"Playing is the main purpose why we were created.
Only your form is of this earth. Your core selves are of light and stardust. Your home is nowhere and everywhere."

Galaxy play 1992
"Dolphin's play is a fantastic creative achievement involving holographic imaging, bubble art,vibrational merging and geometric sounding.
The universe can be explained through geometry and vibratory oscillations. The dolphins model these universal energy systemsin their playful interactions with their environment."
~Joan Ocean
You are travelers and wanderers, never been born, never die. What you see all around you, what you know as the world, in reality, is but a sophisticated hologram.
A picture appears for a moment, and then it is gone, and other scenes just as real come forth. The playgrounds of human, dolphins and whales.
Play can be very healing. It tends to lift our minds out of the ordinary, and bring them into the extraordinary. Playing is a form of moving meditation. It is what you would call transcendence.

Opening the Gates to the new waves of - Starseed Transmissions - in this beginning of 2015 - from 3D thinking into 4th /5th dimensional living

Constellations gates
At the moment we are feeling very strongly the influence of Comet Lovejoy passing through our part of the Galaxy, in the region of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades.
This part of the Galaxy has a strong connection with the Earth, with many Star Seeds coming from Sirius and the Pleiades, as well as many Beings who connect with Earth to share information about Evolution.
~Celia Fenn
There is a higher level of vibration at which the lower ones cannot exist. The power of thought upon Earth is effective... ~Salusa

You can order quality PRINTS ( 3 prints for $48 including shipping to the US in 2-3 days, 14 x 11 inches or larger sizes ) - contact   or

Eclipses... the Atlanteans referred to them as " Infinity Points " ... the cities of Infinity

Golden Cities
2015, transit Point of the 26000 year galactic cycle: from linear rational thinking towards harmonious, intuitive and loving Multidimensional Living
You are in a unique timing to create - a unique and intense Purging - in the paradigm of the New Earth and with your etheric body.
The gravitational and electromagnetic Waves will recharge your " Soul Contract " that had not yet been achieved.
These waves are influencing the human body physical and the etheric bodies of the mental and emotional matrix.

The first phase contains within it a major upshift & activation of what may be termed as Leylines or earth currents ... the second phase is ... to project harmony collectively.
Your environment includes far more than you consciously perceive, including gravity waves, light frequencies, ionic ratios and mineralogical vibrations of the planet. Your physical body has a cellular consciousness operating biologically, so that hormonal and bio-chemical balances are directly affected by the light format & matrix of the planet.
Cells of your body respond to the embellished light & life force ... not simply biological, it aligns the integral beingness and offers a prolific window into higher self, a window to the period of human evolution and light quotient.
What occurs in March 2015 will allow a necessary venting, within the caldron of chaos that will be ongoing.  Such programming will continue in order to format the 2038 Return of Light. Go deep inside. You will discover and extraordinary opportunity to experience higher realities. You will find dream states are far more lucid.

The New Earth now carriers a matrix through the Crystalline Grid that is absolutely enabling humanity to be more aware of their true nature within multidimensionality. In this new era,
... every photon of mental light you project is exponentially amplified.
~from Archangel Metatron: Earth-Keeper via James Tyberonn

On the threshold of the rising Cities of Light .... the key! - Aether : your 5th Element of Love and Light

Pool of MU
The Timelines are crossing... empower now your love & passions within the New Earth ... Prepare yourselves to shift and rethink your life at multidimensional levels.
( Your hearts have evolved. - All of humanity is taking a step up and you are now learning to communicate on these new levels: of this New Life beyond the Veil
~ The group )

The higher levels are not bound by time and souls can move backwards and forward within it. ~Salusa

The 6th Dimensional Activation to Earth Reality

- Cosmic Radiation Rays from "deep space" are transmitting new information for new alignments
and recalibrating all lives and bodies to higher frequencies of Light. -
.. while you may see this intense chaos, you will also need to look deeper and see the Divine Pattern that is emerging through this tumult of creative energy.
You will need to look further and deeper and see how the Magic is Rising all around you, and how the Butterfly that is the emerging - New Human is beginning to unfurl its wings.

Portals were opened and the 6th Dimensional energies of Magic began to be anchored on the Earth. This process continues at full power until soon the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center and energizes the Earth's 6th Dimensional plane with the Light Codes for the New Reality.
You are now truly existing in a Multi-dimensional Reality, with Reality frames ranging from Third Dimensional through to Sixth Dimensional all co-existing within the Earth's New Reality Grids.
The Earth as a Planetary Body is anchored in the 5th Dimension, which is the Dimension of Oneness and Inter-connection.
~ Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn-

Mother Earth's time warp - is opening the door to your memories of Infinity,
Light & Love, but your mind will feel confused...
It is time to explore and dream our future. ~Bob Fickes

Harmony for a New Paradigm

Beluga Trans-worlds
Now is the Time to Speak our Truth... in Harmony with ALL = Cetacean's communication on Trans-Worlds .
Re-minders from Home : "It is all about harmony on planet Earth - With your resonance, which you vibrate uniquely and able to share with everyone"

... your success on planet Earth will now have to do with how well you can acknowledge the ways you are alike, instead of the ways that you are separate. This is a huge change and adjustment of the ego, and many of the other parts of your typical ways of doing business as humans.Steadfastly hold your truth. Hold it in such a way that another truth can stand right next to you and even though they disagree, both can shine and share their votes. These are the ways of the future. Now is the time to re-member why you are here and connect in those areas.
Connecting and sharing your energy does not mean losing your uniqueness and that is critical, for you have a vote in every aspect of humanity. When your vote does not count it is because you are not speaking your truth, for these are the times to start working with exactly that. During the transitionary months of moving into this whole new energy and this entire new world that lies in front of you, you can create magic right now.

We know most of you by your spirit name, by what you are called when you come Home. To some of you, it will be important to re-member those names. For others? Simply the knowledge that you are a greater being than you ever knew. You are revered here at Home and you are in the perfect place to make a difference on planet Earth in this evolution that is taking place. The Family of E is grounded ( Empowerment/Evolution ). They are in place to hold the energy, to carry in the new world and to bring in an entirely new hologram of light into effect on planet Earth. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Harmonize every chance you get. Know that it is a beautiful New Game that you are playing. And play well together. Espavo - Lemurian greeting : "Thank You for Taking Your Power" I am the Keeper of Time. ~Excerpts of The group -

Spontaneous Evolution! ... your intuitive "YIN" is the link to the Source Within

" Our true commitment is : our alignment with the Source within us, our Inner Being, that's what we are truly devoted to. " ~Abraham Hicks
" The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable." ~Robert Henri
The Garden of Eden is not out there - " we are the garden " - working cooperatively with all the other organisms and creating new lives... we adapt to be in balance and harmony with the planet.
~Bruce Lipton explains how SPONTANEOUS EVOLUTION
may stop us from becoming extinct. Where do we start to make the change?

BL:   ... a life lived with love, means that if you bring love and operate from your heart, versus operating from your head there is a profound difference in the world you experience and create. I personally have an understanding of this because my career as a research scientist was almost all coming from my head, from my thinking. And while I was very successful in that career, the moment I was given the opportunity to see how biology actually works and to recognize the Consciousness in the system, that realization didn't hit my head. It hit my heart. Tears were running down my face and I felt my heart for the first time after 40 years or so of being in my head. I refer to it as my heart orgasm.
   My heart opened up to realize the love of being on this planet with the most beautiful, ecosystem and the intricate interconnection of all the animals, plants and of course the humans. My life completely changed at that moment and that was the beginning of my first steps toward the conclusion that I write about: that most people believe that you die and if you live well you go off to someplace called heaven. I would like to suggest an alternative understanding, that we are born into heaven, and this is a place where we are creative. This is where we manifest our dreams. Most of our ideas of heaven are really based on their life on earth so to find it somewhere else is silly.  All the visions and dreams that we talk about are all doable right here.
   That's really what's being created with the experience of Uplift - the realization that we can change the whole story right now. We don't need to try to fight the old story. We simply need to walk outside the old story and build a new story. People will leave the old story when they see a new story working. Every individual who changes their own story, is changing the vibrational environment within which we live. We can have the spontaneous remission of the planet's ills and we can change the environment by just changing who we are. To me, UPLIFT is like a seed that when germinated will spread all over the world. ~Bruce Lipton

with the new photonics of your body ... comes New Beginnings

" Letting go of the old duality... to grasp the higher truths of your human Experience and your Spirit " ( because your spirit is not of this density: your spirit is truly you. ) The Keeper of Time
In the midst of a time of chaotic purging... The Dragon holds the treasures of the unconscious mind : our soul's almighty Plans.

" Your pure presence is becoming more familiar to you. The expansiveness of this and the implications of your total perfection are sinking in and this is transforming your energy system. You are recalibrating to accommodate these changes. You are revisiting the creation of your energy system from increasingly higher perspectives of light and as you do this you create endless new beginnings. Learn to live from inner knowing. .. allow your presence, not to be created from ideas in your mind but to be generated from within.

Once you arrive in this spaciousness if you can let it be wide open then there you are in a space of all possibilities. Light is carried over space by photons, continually infused by cosmic light through the earth?s closeness to the photon band. Photons are creating the momentum of light that is uplifting your world.
The ego tends to present you with limited ideas and options in life... Why not break free of all that? You are in that very natural and most empowering process. And most of all so you can prepare yourself to skillfully meet these powerful new beginnings with openness. This is living evolution and it is generating an endless stream of New Beginnings. "
~Excerpts from Archangel Michael by Meredith Murphy - wonderful. com

Meantime you can start looking forward to an exciting time that will give you all manner of interesting experiences. Perhaps you will find the prospect of meeting your Space family the most exciting, and the opportunity of returning to your home planet. There is so much for you to explore and a whole variety of missions that you can undertake. Your future will be one that you choose, and it will be to spread the Light far and wide.

Some people on Earth have a certain degree of curiosity about their purpose for being on it, and are interested in life in general but find it difficult to know which sources of knowledge to trust. Generally speaking we would say simply follow your intuition, as it will lead you gently onwards to find an appropriate source of information.
~ Excerpts from SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey

Karma and fear rule the 3D. world - NOW TRANSMUTING into a 5D world of only Love and Light - now alertness is vital     -     ALOHA HONUA is Hawaiian for " Love the Earth and all creations "

... behind the Forest's VEIL

Forest Veil
Life abounds everywhere around you, often out of your sight - due to the difference in vibrations.

- it is all change for the better, even if it is difficult to envision at present. - message from Sirius . There has to be an acceptance of meaningful peace and intent to become as One where your future is concerned. Sometimes the only way to progress and achieve peace together cannot come about until as a civilisation you recognise the Oneness of the Human Race. Looking at your history you are slow to learn, but as you say, "You are getting there". At some point in the near future it will transpire that because you have made sufficient spiritual progress, that it is time to allow such souls to surge forward without the hindrance of those who still lag behind. It is in no way discriminating against them, but is allowing those who are ready to progress to the higher vibrations without being delayed by those who are not.
The new cycle has begun and slowly but surely all remnants of the earlier one will disappear, to be replaced by a more updated version that has been born of the Light. There will be no place for the lower vibrations that could not in any event exist within it, and all thought levels will be based on Light and Love.
Mother Earth will also enjoy the changes that shall see the Earth restored to its original glory. You will be surprised at how quickly they can take place, and it will be both an enjoyable and exciting time to be on Earth.
With the return of the higher vibrations our Space Friends can also appear as often as they wish to, and they will use their experience to speed up the changes on Earth. The Inner Earth Civilisation will also partake in the changes, and you will meet them a lot quicker than you might have expected. In other words Dear Ones, it is all change for the better even if it is difficult to envision at present.
We monitor your Earth and the skies around you to ensure that you can evolve unimpeded by outside interference. We certainly control the activities of the dark Ones, to ensure that there is a limitation to the extent that they can go in preparing to take over the Earth. However, as we have intimated previously, we must also allow them to evolve within the confines that are placed upon them.
Life abounds everywhere around you, often out of your sight due to the difference in vibrations. What you might consider to be a little proof of that is when photographs are developed with Beings or ghostly images in them, that were not observed at the time. ... Major changes that could not be contemplated at present, requiring such resources that are unavailable now. However, gradually everything is being prepared for the day when they can, and progress will be made at a breathtaking speed.
These are the times of revelations, as for too long you have been kept in the dark as to the truth of your being and the Human history.
You all have your origins off Earth. That does not mean you are entirely new to Earth, inasmuch that you have already had many lives upon it. Can you begin to see that Earth is a School for Life, and in fact gives you one of the quickest experiences in which to evolve. Advancements in Science and your technologies has helped expand your knowledge, which is quite a transition from the days when you thought you were at the centre of the Universe. You can go a lot further so please keep an open mind.
-Excerpts from SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey. Oct.2014 -



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Golden Goddess

Dragon Wave


Honey from our beehive with all the magic nectar from the flowers and vegetables that keep us healthy... a big MAHALO to Nature and our gardeners.

At our place here ...Many bees are buzzing on the flowers… their sounds and dances uplift our heart and soul.
And so, what type of magic is expanding outside the hive … beyond the sweet elixir building up inside.
What is the relationship, network and patterns between the nectar of flowers and all life around?
How does the collective unconscious of the hive effect or causes changes on the surroundings?
How can we view Life, Love and Creation from a greater Cosmic mind or mind of One?
The paradox of living on Earth is that this "Sacredness" is not only in our imagination, hearts, and illuminations,
it is also everywhere in Nature, in our gardens, our flowers, our fruits, our walks, our swims,
our relationships, and our play...

when we can consciously enter "Nothingness"
this rich void in "Inner Peace" is at once emptiness and also all that ever was and will be,
the unseen blueprints, the absolute force, this vital Energy and Timeless-Spaceless Holographic World…
All these little earthy things are Entrances into the magic of Life :
like a simple drop of water holding the secret of where we come from, who we truly are and where we are going!
... the world is within me as much as I am in this world ...
now is when & where our perception expands to realize our connection to the essence of ONE-ness !
that is a way to INFINITY!

"Enjoy the New Earth and thank you for helping creating it - Jean-Luc"

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"the SecondComing"
" Second Coming " 1979 : cover of Australian magazin " Simply Living "- issue about the origins of the Dolphin Consciousness and the birth of a new human's awareness with Earth & Sea's love and respect.


2 of our groups - full of dolphin Love and quantum adventures - with Joan Ocean - Feb & March 2016


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Water Woman



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