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Magically, the whale sounds cue perfectly too, as the whale images appear in the video. For me, Transmuteo resonates as the creation (seeding) of the Hu-man and the creation of sacred union, at its purest and intended beginning . I can feel deep remembrance (cellular memory), a deep seated knowing and overwhelming recognition of Home. By the end of the video, I can feel my Heart and Third Eye merge and that is how I feel myself 'Seeing'.
What a gift!!

Voyage to Infinity:
The vivid colors and use of nature scenes in this video draw me in even deeper than Transmuteo, yet Transmuteo is very much its own potent journey and I cannot say I prefer one over the other. They each offer the viewer a different opportunity based on where they may be on their own journey.

I have powerful inner journeys that have held many similar images as Voyage to Infinity.
From where I am now on my path, I feel this video is the visual for the inner transition of Self Realization.... the Christ Consciousness Embodied.

The way you have been able to bring the consciousness of Water into moving imagery is stunning! It gives the viewer a beautiful opportunity to get to know Her and to feel their way into their own relationship with Her-- all without trying to explain in words, but a cellular knowing/awakening into remembering that we are Water. We are the very magic of Her Being.

My being knows what Water holds....I know the codes, I feel the geometries in everything, the codes of Life Force. No Human words... just pure unquestioning knowing within me.

Voyage to Infinity makes me wish to be released from the confines of this body suit and immerse in the imagery. My High Heart feels every nuance and I feel that when I do leave this physical embodiment, this is where I know I will go Home to. Joyful tears present as I watch both videos, as the frequency connection to Home resonates through every cell.

And so Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude for your abilities to create such splendor!

I would love to know more about your journey as an artist and how you came to be able to bring what's beyond the veil into this 'reality'.

I'm also curious if you have created other videos since these two and what you may be working on now. ??As consciousness has risen significantly on Earth, Transmuteo and Voyage to Infinity would be welcomed by many who weren't ready for them before.

Blessings, Monica


Dear Jean Luc - the prints have arrived here in Switzerland in perfect shape. I never expected them to be such good quality prints and I cannot stop looking at them. Thank you also for the great care with which they were packed.
How wonderful your gift to materialize the inner world in physical pictures; I am so thankful I found them
Love from a white place, all snowed in! -Ursina


I watched your DVD with a friend every night before sleeping when on my recent dolphin trip to Bimini.
We are so grateful to you for your amazing work !
Susan Bird - Scuba Diving Zen and the Art of Diving


"I do watch “Voyage to Infinity with Whales & Dragons” every night. At times I view the film more than once. Carey asked me last night “Are you watching the movie?” knowing already that I was gazing upon the film’s play, and I replied, “I am connecting with truth”. This film has become a lullaby, like a soothing bedtime ‘story’ a mother tells her daughter. With all that surrounds my day-to-day life, I find refuge in the film at night, knowing that I can connect with a “Truth” I deeply resonate with. To do so in a tangible and physical way, Thank you.
Thank you for bringing about this miracle, which is now nurturing my soul daily. I am very excited there are bees upon your land, soon water will come and the great green dragon will over flow with a presence of miraculous wonder. And if I may say that, the Bees send out a harmonic vibration like the whales. Their monarchy is also a very high presence on the land, allowing the Essence of our Supreme Oneness space to place feet upon Earth’s ground.
Your creation of "Her" in the Film is a quantum step for humanity. Thank you " - Nicolle Theresa-anna Jones


"I watched your exquisite DVD Jean-Luc and want to thank you for creating it with such patience and elegance. The grace, beauty and authenticity of your images will help trigger codes of consciousness long dormant in humans. I played your DVD on a continuous loop for some hours and believe it will transform the hearts, minds and spirits of all who see it.
The dolphins, whales, dragons and Unseens are revealing their secrets to those who have the sensitivity to attune and commune. Bless you my friend for another Divine creation. xxx"
Cedar Rivers - Australia


Tonight was the first chance I had to sit down and watch your DVD. I started viewing it while I was using my exercise bike and - I found it so mesmerizing I actually had to get off my bike and sit on the floor and watch it. It is Beautiful! Your art is visually stunning, and this is such a wonderful gift... to me, and to the world. I am moved so much that my mind is wondering how can I assist you - Sandie Sedgbeer - Awakening Zone Radio show


"Your movie has done amazing work in my husband's dentist office. People that walked in in pain sit in the waiting room and are amazed by the movie and they feel better! It's incredible! "
Jeanne Russell - Dolphin Touch Wellness Center, Kapaa, HI


Hello Jean-Luc… after seen your film I went to the "Dragon Cave" to meditate and here is what I got:

"The physical body has limitations the mind does not.

The time is now. We make it happen. All within us. Every time in every moment there is truth . To what degree are you willing to listen? What are you hearing? What is your truth? Only you can unravel it , it is up to you.

In each moment there exists a chance to open yourself to Source- it is how you do it- to open to source you must open your heart - beyond human measures - beyond practice- meditation - it is a state of beinghood. a state of realization. Others are involved if only for a minute to offer you a chance to return home. To seek is to never find - to be - is Always. Deep within you lies a treasure that only you can unearth if yo so choose - it is not a step by step process it is an entire knowing. It is truth. Within it is total oneness- claro-truth-being. There are lessons still to be learned here on this "land". Things will be unveiled are they are intended to- to calm the inner mind find eternity in a second. Trust in the process. Do as you do- continue "digging- bringing gifts- burning fires- offer food " (not in the human sense, be imaginative with innocence and joy ) Be happy, this is not work. This is play. This is where magic lies, Believe!"

So grateful to be in Nature.
Thank you again and again.
Here's to the magic,
cyndi Holley


The Voyage to Infinity is an un-surpassing work of transformational and trans-dimensional Art. It is the hope of the galaxy.
Within the mystery of water and light, within the spirit of the water homed and those born in the breath of fire, the ancient and future memories of our universal journey coalesce in alchemy with the essence of our human self and Gaia's visionary purpose to
potentiate creation in Apotheosis.
It is as if the frozen matrix of our DNA locked in eternal balance in the Yin and Yang of equal and opposite chthonic (subterranean) forces spontaneously begins to move at last in liquid crystal rivers
of unending creative power infinitely transubstantiating in ever more beautiful patterns, forms and essences.
Codes and symbols hidden deep with the fabric of our being are ignited that the chrysalis of our highest possibility may be born.
One returns from such a journey forever changed and with each succeeding venture within, our eyes of incandescent wonder perceive once more the nature and the mystery of all that is within us and the world. The clarity and radiance of color, the crystalline clarity of the flow, the celestial symphonic musicality, the nobility of the mythopoeic verse is a tribute to the exquisite consciousness of its creators, a collaboration of great genius in service to all of life.
Will you dare to immerse yourself in a journey of great ascending power that dreamer and the creator may re-imagine and thus create the world anew?

With great love,
Shilea Chthonic


In many ways, your film is similar to my book, The Water Code,
in that they come from the "future" (or at least a higher frequency/another parallel reality), so it takes time for everyone to catch up to that frequency. Your film is brilliant in so many ways in that it sees so clearly into those frequencies...
By bringing the frequency of the film into this reality, so much has changed. Everything has shifted. People may not understand this (yet), but I do and Joan does, for sure! And of course, the dragons and the whales know it, which is why they are speaking and materializing. So exciting!! And I watched the film again this morning and I could feel my brain rewiring as I was watching it! The film is brilliant....I just love it!

I hope everyone sees the film. It is beautiful and definitely unlocking important codes in people!

Rainey Marie Highley


In January of this year I was diagnosed with cancer and in March I was struck down by a stroke. I am utilizing the best of Western medicine while at the same time working actively with visual and sound vibrations,

While watching "Voyage to Infinity" last night, it had a wonderful, meditative
visual quality that I believe is working on activating light centers within me on a cellular level. The effect was quite peaceful and restorative.

So, everyday, along with doctors visits I'll be spending time with your film.
Greg S. S.F.


I enjoyed the "voyage" very much. For me it is like a meditation which I am going to do more often.
My mind, my conscious and unconscious mind, my spirit, my senses, my imagination were addressed as well as engaged. I enjoyed the organic, soothing, and calming pictures, enhanced by the fascinating colors and the sound.
I was amazed how fluent one form integrated into the next corresponding with the message, the water codes. Even the words changed their form in accordance with the element of water. This creates an almost hypnotic effect, supported by the stunning individual pictures and the phantastic colors.

I realized that the pictures together with the sound gave me the opportunity to really experience the message with my senses and to feel the meaning.
The message was enhanced by the "indirect" and subtle use of symbolism, such as, spirals, crosses, the all-seeing eye, crystals, infinity symbols, circles, stars, taurus flow, faces, egg-shapes, pyramids.
I enjoyed the reference to an "ordered universe" by drawing attention to the golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers/frequencies and codes.

Besides, the relevance of one drop, and eventually becoming many drops of water, in the creation of life, was well portrayed. Every drop may represent one universe - meaning, there are multi-verses.
I assume, the music is composed with a focus on specific meditation-inducing frequencies - possibly elements of Fibonacci and Solfeggio frequencies.
The pictures, the colors, as well as the sound are deeply corresponding to the essence of light, the water element, dolphins, and dragons - the message.

I was thinking of giving the DVD to some of my friends, if you approve of this. Let me know.


I can feel Aganmar ( a Dragon ) looking over my shoulder, he shows me that he will bewatching your movie with me, and I feel his excitement and gratitude to youfor your gift to the world in their behalf! Oh, he wants to share something
with you....

"JeanLuc, this is Aganmar, I am friend to Man. I am of the Crystal Dragon
clan. We are excited and delighted that you have co-created such a beautiful
expression of who we, as Dragons, are. Your ability to portray what is, as
you see it, and your willingness to bypass all your fears to bring this
timely message forward is held dearly in ALL our hearts. Dragon hearts are
very powerful, so when you are held there, you will know it.

You are correct to know that your artistic experience is a powerful
activation for those who immerse themselves into its beauty. There is
pleasure to be experienced as the frequencies are of the higher realms and
these can induced bliss and ecstasy as one aligns with the higher tones. We
are brilliantly shining with love this day! In-lighting the Earth with our
Love and through you and your creation, you have made it easier now. We
thank you. We love you and we attend you.

As you say, Aloha...
Aganmar and all Dragons in service of the Light

Saleena Ki - saleena@vibrakeys.com - www.vibrakeys.com


"Your ranch is so magical and wonderful that I know just being there is mind-altering so I wondered if I would have the same blissed out feeling watching it here in AZ. But thankfully the effects were just as powerful here as when I sat in the meditation room there with all of you. I can’t really explain the feeling I get watching it. I bet lots of people tell you that. The best I can describe the feeling I had watching the whales and dragon movie there in Hawaii was that I was so very aware of the space between everything. I know that our bodies are made up of actually a lot of space between the spaces. Our atoms, etc. have so much space inside that it’s a wonder we think of ourselves as dense beings at all. But after watching that movie it was like the whole room was full of all the space that there is. A vastness was all around my ears and it reminded me of some movies we see where there are people floating in space. It was as if my mind was that mind that is floating in space. Perhaps like thinking of my soul being disconnected or outside my body. I recall all of us being blissed and just going to bed. There really was nothing else to do but rest and let the experience soak in. A powerful experience that even as I try to tell it to others it does not come close to describing it."

Lauren from the Jumping Joy pod, Arizona


The images on the DVD are so lovely. What appeals most to me and I find most stimulating are the colors themselves. These are uplifting me, inspiring joy and peace. It's as though the images give me (mind and body) a sense of astral traveling (while being consciously awake) in a primal, water world; and emerald green and butter yellow were like exclamation marks along a journey in a happy and marvelous world of co-operation and co-creation.

What you have produced is beneficial, like meditation is beneficial, especially for those who find it hard to meditate...I'm one of those people...my mind is too noisy at times to practice mindfulness 'cuz I tend to be too mental, which is why I'm not integrated. I truly appreciate this gift. Muchas Gracias Jean-Luc!

Transmuteo, besides being spiritually uplifting, helps quiet the mind &.can be marketed to pain management and psychiatric outpatient clinics where behavioral-cognitive therapies are taught for addictions, chronic depression, chronic pain, eating disorders, smoke cessation, etc. I read two books from the library on mindfulness (vipassana) and think ( after viewing Transmuteo) that viewing a DVD like yours, in combination with "reading about" the techniques of thought-tracking and the practice of noticing sensation (and where thoughts can lead you), can make the process of learning mindfulness certainly more successful. Mindfulness is supposed to be the practice of listening to your thoughts, embracing them because they're part of you, letting them "process" and not be afraid or avoid them. Then, teaching yourself your mind is just that, your mind, leg your right leg or nostrils. That your thoughts are just thoughts, and not necessarily reality.

Persons needing to medidate or do yoga, for whatever reason but in particular to realease stuck energy (like the stuck energy in people with post traumatic stress (PTS) syndrome) watching Transmuteo would be very benefitial for the reasons given earlier, like helping quiet their mind while focusing on breathing, processing unpleasant memories, & embracing ingrained fears (fear can be good; it evolved in our bodies for a reason but people with PTS syndrome are stuck in the fear mode like war veterans). The DVD would be a great acccompaniment to patients "learning about" the mechanics of meditation, yoga, and mindfullness or cognitive-behavioral therapy at clinics for pain management, addictions, weight control, smoke cessation, psychological disorders, and PTS syndrome, etc., for example.

Watching Transmuteo was like allowing my eyes to take me on a journey within myself and seeing my mind "quieted" by your colorful images and accompanying sensations.

Wishing you the best, Y. L. Los Angeles CA


Dear Jean-Luc,

I`ve been thinking of you quite a lot since the 17th...as the people`s reaction of the film was just amazing.I don`t know what I had expected, but what happened was wonderful.

First I told them of how I came to the film, my impressions of Hawaii, dolphins, whales, starfriends, and of course the little I know of you creating this film.Then I invited them to a short meditation and finally we watched the film.

I thought we might be sharing our impressions after the film for about an hour, but in fact we were sitting there for five(!) hours.

These people were deeply moved by your message. I find it difficult to use the right words.
And also impressive, the men were the first ones to start talking. And there were so many levels that have obviously been touched in these persons.

I try to record it to you in some words:

- Some people felt "recognized" as they see these forms that you show within their inner eyes...
- Some told of experiences sometime in their life where they saw wonderful impressions like transmuteo shows; they came to talk of near-death-experiences and what people describe when they see into the other dimension.
- Some said the film is pure healing and wouldn`t find words to express.
- Some said it is like watching a film of the world`s wonderful nature just from another dimension.
- All of them opened their hearts in an unbelieveable deep way, and I felt a holy athmosphere in the room.
- All agreed that this is a highly joyful message. They asked me to show the film soon again.

Here I translate one comment from a men for you: KOMENTAR ZU „TRANSMUTEO“ von Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Danke für das wunderbare Geschenk einen solchen einzigartigen Film erleben zu dürfen!

Thank you for this wonderful present to experience such a special film!

Danke für die „Frohe Botschaft“ aus der anderen Dimension, jener Welt aus der wir alle kommen. Gratulation zur Begabung, diese empfangenen Bilder in dieser Form umzusetzen und um die Ausdauer aufzubringen sie in dieses Werk
zu transformieren, sodass es in den Herzen der Menschen ankommt.

Thank you for the joyful message from the other dimension, the world where we all come from. Congratulation to your gift for transforming the pictures you see into this form and congratulation to the endurance you had to transform these pictures into the film so that it reaches people`s hearts.

Vieles was dargestellt wurden, wenn nicht alles ist in mir vorhanden und ich konnte bereits viele Bilder in mir wahrnehmen. Es zeigt mir, auf einer anderen und immer neuer werdenden Ebene, wir sind alle EINS. Danke, für die
vielen Botschaften die der Inhalt dieses Filmes sind, dass sie auch in meinem Herzen angekommen sind, durch diese phantastische, professionelle Darstellung ganz im Neuen.

Most of what I saw in the film is within myself and I had been able to recognize many of these pictures within myself. For me it shows that on another level that becomes new and new again we are ALL ONE. Thank you for the many messages that come through this film, that they reached my heart through your fantastic, professional presentation totally in the new dimension.

Bitte noch mehr von dieser tollen Arbeit, die Menschen dieser Welt machen gerade auf und wagen es zuzulassen, dass es auch wirklich ihre Welt auf einer anderen Ebene ist, die uns berührt und zu uns gehört!

Please create more of this great work, people on earth start to open themselves and dare to allow that this really is their world in another dimension that touches us and that belongs to us!

Ich wünsche dem gesamten Tun auf dieser Ebene viel Erfolg und die Offenheit der Menschen diese Botschaften zu empfangen!

I wish success to the whole creation on this level and people`s openness to receive these messages!

Karlheinz Beranek

And now my personal congratulation for you, Jean-Luc! I have never experienced the message of a film as intensive as I did last week. And I felt my whole body vibrate even the next day. Thank you so much for the present you gave me by the possibility of sharing the film with people here in Europe!!!

Today I celebrate the winter-solstice with my family and our friends and so - with the light-network in my heart and all around us I send you a great thank you to Hawaii and love and light for you!!!

big hug, - Sonja - Vienna's Dolphin Dome 3D-visualisation, Austria. Europe.


Dear Jean-Luc,

Thanks so much for the wonderful DVD. We really enjoy it. It is a good influence right now on me, in creating visualizations to help me get to sleep when I am struggling with things (long story...) that are getting so complicated and expensive that it is keeping me awake at nights.

I have been trying to figure out how to control my mind and thoughts, and your DVD is the most effective thing so far. So, thank you for that.
I send you my very best wishes.

G. Brad Lewis Photography - Hawaii - www.volcanoman.com


I had a mail from Jean-Luc Bozzoli about his trip to Peru this year, and as I was reading through it I was struck by his comment that he felt that his "imagination" and his creativity were forms of deep inner communication that were guiding him forward. I think as we shift fully into Fifth Dimensional life, we will become so much more aware of the importance of that "inner flow" as a form of communication and guidance. I am learning to watch my thoughts and daydreams as indicators of what is coming to me on the flow of inner awareness. It is wonderfully liberating to see your dreams and fantasies as a communication from the inner intelligence about what you would like to explore. Then you also become aware of inner thoughts and dreams as communications from others about what they would like to share and create with you, and then you begin to realize that we have always had a powerful form of communication within ourselves that we are only now beginning to access once again. And then I thought about Jean Luc's wonderful DVD called "Transmuteo", where he presents a visual representation of this creative flow of inner consciousness. So, if you would like to connect with this experience, please click here: www.eyewithin.com/p4.html

Transmuteo is a magnificent journey into the Heart of the Creative process, a journey through translucent dream states and the inner “ocean” of our psyche inhabited by beings of light and the whales and dolphins. Moving through this multi-dimensional realm,
we experience the inner flows of our creative essence through the Geometries of Light and
the transmission of Light Codes from the Solar Source.
Transmuteo is a visual celebration of the transition of Human life to Angelic Human Life as part of the Great Transformation of the Planet at this time. It is a fascinating visual experience that awakens old memories and new codes within our DNA. The choice of multi-track music means that this joyous experience can be repeated and it is never the same twice. Every time I watch it I see and feel something new….and I just loved the Sea Horse!

I just love his powerful mix of Dolphin and Whales images with Sacred Geometry. He talks about the Ocean as a “holographic’ undersea world, and I am reminded that all life came out of the Oceans, and that the Ocean is a powerful transmutation Matrix... The imagery of the “New Earth” being manifested is wonderful, as is the music. So, enjoy this wonderful world of holographic oceanic magic.

Celia Fenn PhD - South Africa - www. StarchildGlobal .com


“Remember the shaman, when he used to say: ‘Man, is the Dream of the Dolphin.’”Enigma, THE CROSS OF CHANGES

Historically, artists in our society have come to represent the visionaries of the culture, able to search out and establish a new level of truth about the nature of our existence. Nearly all great visionaries are compelled to do what they do by an insatiable need to express their unique perspective of the shifting phenomenon we call life. In our time, shamanic artist, Jean-Luc Bozzoli, has given us a compelling window of perception and insight into the current shift in human consciousness: The transmutation to Liquid Consciousness.

The artist’s radiant animated short, TRANSMUTEO, demonstrates this shift of awareness to viewers on a subtle level, helping us to tune our thinking to more refined frequencies. His art form characterizes the actual dimensional shift of consciousness from a fixed, solid 3D perception to the less dense 4D & 5D perspectives. Instead of just seeing the world around as described only by what our eyes can see and tactile senses can render, Jean-Luc gives us a full-blown holographic perspective that includes a kind of omni view of the physical plane. This singular illumined visual meditation helps us to recognize that our world is not frozen, unchanging or comprised of separate linear constructs; rather, it is more liquid, mutable, forgiving and unified in consistency. Such a moving 3D graphic representation reveals itself as a sensation of the total energy body and posits all of our wits at once. This visionary perception is the everyday view of Cetaceans and one the artist manages to capture with this magnificent animation.

The greatest masters of Liquid Consciousness on our planet are the Cetaceans – the Whales and Dolphins. Many of us have now come to recognize on the deepest level that the whales and dolphins hold vital keys to our next level of awareness as a fragile species. Over the past half-century the Cetaceans have managed to entice our society just enough to consider actually listening to what special information they have to offer to us about the more sublime levels of existence - sophisticated levels that they have come to know after untold millennia of being here. Jean-Luc heard their call from early on and has been inspired to portray their eloquent truth and beauty in various visual mediums for over thirty years.

We now have the opportunity to experience ourselves moving like a river of consciousness, streaming beyond the limits imposed by the linear belief systems of the old paradigm. Though this capacity has doubled in the past century in humans, we have only just begun. Thanks to Jean-Luc Bozzoli’s brilliant effort and abilities we are given a glimpse into our fuller potentiality as a star seeded species, activating our natural fluidity within this luminous ocean of Liquid Consciousness.

D.W. Webster, www.Cetacean-Nation.com


TRANSMUTEO is more an experience and less a film. It is visually enchanting and each time I have had the pleasure of watching it I found myself being transported away into the inner depths of my all knowing soul and to a place of profound healing and balance. It is a whole system experience and words are almost inadequate to fully describe what you encounter as you watch Transmuteo. Bliss, peace, joy and love always come to mind when I watch this wonderful 30 minute spiritual transformation tool. I find that with the joy of reconnection I am held in the energy that has been manifested through Jean-Luc's work, it gently but without resistance takes you to a lighter and crystalline state of being. It is almost like the emotional grief of what has been lost, the lost dream, the lost passion, the pain all dissolved and the all encompassing universal knowing is activated within. Given the nature of last year and its turbulence that so many of us have experienced to varying degrees the timing of Jean-Luc's Transmuteo is opportune. 2008 is a year of creation, growth and empowerment and as ever the tools to support us, are provided by the ever giving Universe!

There is no script as such with this experience and it therefore bypasses your mind and allows you to really open up and experience the change, the expansiveness and the transformation and dare I say the divinity that is at your finger tips, it always has been.

It is best described as an interactive meditation, you choose the sound track and then sit and experience what is being presented, going with a flow that is shaped by your own experience and spiritual journey. The visual images, the geometric codes, the enlightening music, with which your soul experiences Transmuteo, will create for you a truly multi-dimensional experience. It is from this place you can start to connect to the true essence of who you are and why you are here. I am yet to show this presentation to someone who has not been profoundly moved by it.

Not being a conventional film with a singular message, I can only share my experience and draw on what others have said as they experienced Jean-Luc's Transmuteo. Each experience for me has been different, but without a doubt in my mind complete. It draws me in, almost like 3d television where I am merged with what has been created. Each time I feel like it has changed but truly I know it is my perception. Although only 30 minutes long, it transcends time as I know it and operates through universal principles where there are no limits and no boundaries.

Jean Luc's work is visionary and in through Transmuteo each of us is being offered the opportunity to tap into and refine our own vision and step up to continue taking part in the divine plan.

Let this DVD be your sacred gift to yourself this year, it will transport you to a place where you can access the secrets of your creation and where you may experience and anchor bliss through universal love.

Sarupa Shah... modern mystic, healer and teacher. Director of Heavenly Spaces (London. UK)


It is a very powerful, moving and creative piece of work! I think it is very important to get it out and I believe it can be an important tool for healing and calming which is so needed right now. We have done one private showing of it here at our home in which a Dental Surgeon was in the group. He was only going to watch a couple of minutes of it because he had to get to a meeting. Next thing I knew he was sitting down beside me. He told me he "just couldn't go." I asked him to note the faces of the people sitting in front of us watching, they were literally shining! I then asked him to picture his patients having the opportunity to watch this just before they go into surgery. If they (the patients) can step out of much of the fear and open their hearts their opportunity for a successful surgery and healing is much increased! He was one of the first to buy your DVD and is buying a flat screen TV to put into his waiting room to show it on.

Love and Blessings, Kathy and Rod , KAUA'I



I've watched Transmuteo a couple of times, with the different sound tracks. I think its wonderful and I can feel my energy becomes very focussed as soon as it begins. I find myself staring at the screen with no desire to look elsewhere - its quite effortless almost trance like. My entire energy field is involved throughout.

I think our readers would find it very interesting .... Claire. Editor of Paradigm Shift magazine. UK


.... I truly have enjoyed 'Transmuteo'. Have viewed it several times now and each time is like a new transformational experience and a new soul journey into that which is both known and unknown ... familiar and unfamiliar ... remembered and to be remembered.

And I love and appreciate the opportunity to choose from different music soundtracks at each viewing, this greatly expands the experiences and creates additional experiences over and over again and allows one to move into experiences that can facilitate ones mood [soul state] allowing flexibility,flow and change ... raising consciousness.

Really love the journey into the other places, realms, dimensions and worlds ... the vastness of exploration and expansion.

Personally I have used the movie for centering and clearing when I sense that I may be loosing my own personal connection with the vaster more expanded realms or my grounding into Earth, so it has been a useful tool in grounding and connecting to the Higher Realms, the Heavens and all the way down into the Alter of our Mother Earth ... supporting me in being grounded and rooted ... assisting me in being a clearer, more direct conduit for Spirit ... transferring and moving the Light from the Heavens all the way down into the center of the Earth .

May you have success in delivering your project .... its beautiful messages ... to the world ... so that it can be shared by many.

Danice Bouret. Palo Alto, CA



After showing the film on 11:11 at the conference, Transmuteo sold out like hot buns !!!
The 155 Dutchies showing up for the presentation ... VERY well received it and more details will follow!

Ellen Noome organizator , “Sacred Sounds of the New Creation Conference” Amsterdam, Holland.


A profound experience……

I had to do a blog on the most spiritualy uplifting and moving DVD I have ever come across….

There are a choice of 4 different tracks to listen to with the animation. Words don't really do this justice on what it does to you while watching it, it is just so beautiful and stunning to experience. I recommend you put some headphones on to really get immersed in it's beauty…….

I really feel this journey on the DVD is 'Infinite Love' being shown. The images displayed are where you would want to exist in as the 'Infinite Consciousness' we all are……

At the end of my first viewing of this magical journey, I was crying, it really did have a profound impact deep in my core……

Stuart Wisdom, London, UK. Blog: http://lightbeing.spiritual-nature.com/


Jean-Luc, hi, absolutely awesome dvd. With all those beautiful colours and images how can we think

of anything other than Love.

Best wishes, Chris James (London)


Aloha Jean-Luc:

Your beautiful DVD arrived and I have finally had a chance to preview it this very morning. I feel so blessed. What a beautiful gift to the world, truly visionary.

I experienced and explosion of creativity and felt overwhelming love and gratitude . . .a dance through consciousness, ever expanding awareness . . .creating . . . allowing my purpose and vision to ignite with passion . . . connecting, remembering, aligning and celebrating wholeness, effulgent splendor, wonder . . . a journey into divine infrastructure, sacred union, exploring and evolving, birthing new universes, in a kaleidoscope of harmonic peace and tranquility.

I would like to invite you to present this at the Hawaii Total Well Being Expo in Honolulu, March 8 & 9, 2008 at the Hawaii Convention Center as a 'Keynote.' Details at www.TotalWellBeingExpo.com

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Sharman O'Shea Networker, Publisher, Producer
Holistic Hawaii Publications and Hawaii Total Well Being Expo


I want to acknowledge receipt of Transmuteo. What an 'explosion de Beautee'.

There are no words for most of it. It is such a feast for the eyes, a Journey within the Heart, I love the humor too here and there, the playfulness! It is absolutely breathtaking. moving, melting, opening.
Yes, opening a new frontier, of infinite possibilities, of Creation, and Beauty...

Thank you for bringing it into the world and gifting it to humanity. WOW! What a lot of opening for the
mind, the psyche, the heart, what a lot of potential awaiting us.
What a fantasmagoric breadth of possibilities, so many more Exquisite Ways of Dancing Life.

It really transports us to a different reality and , more importantly, to a different vibration that we
then start bringing to this plane, which in turn lifts up the vibration and consciousness of humanity at
large. I had noticed that when first watching Merkabah, Voyage of a Starseed. It was like being transported onto a jewel, bathed in an incredibly exquisite meditative contemplative revering vibration...And reconnected with another Reality more in keeping with our Truth which then starts fluttering back to us, through our souls and our hearts.

Another thing I love is how TRANSMUTEO transcends anything that can be said in words and goes straight to the heart, dialogues direct with pure Imagination, for I see humanity currently at the brink of a
breakthrough into a new form of communicating and of Creating in fact, not unlike the way dolphins do. I celebrate opportunities to move further into the New in this way, and what a beautiful invitation into the
New your film is!
Thank you Jean-Luc for your pioneering vision!
I wish you the very Best with this film 'beyond our current imagination' and truly celebrate its being
birthed onto this plane.

Marie-Pascale, Sedona, Arizona



Well, I stayed up late last night and watched your DVD.....I have seen your film before....Once at your place
in Hawaii, a brief segment in Sedona, the trailers online, and I also watched half of it last week before getting pulled away into another endeavor.

Each time I screen it, it effects me differently....

But last night, I watched it all the way through and when it ended, I just sat there....
staring at the blank screen.....in silence......and then started to cry. Not from the written text that just scrolled
on the screen....but because I remembered more about who I was.....Where I was from......
and what I left behind.....I was indeed homesick!

It is a beautiful film, Jean-Luc.....It is more than just an artistic expression....It is a inner connection to the cosmos...
The music is beautiful too and the DVD will be even more impressive with other optional
soundtracks. I am not sure how to market it. I will give it some more thought....But I do know that it touched
me on a deep level......and I thank you for that.

Much love and laughter!!! ....and smiles from the stars!

Tonia Madenford, Film Producer, Scottsdale Arizona.


Dear Jean-Luc

It all began three months before I was to see Transmuteo...I was flying over the Canadian prairies, mindlessly gazing out at the white fluffy clouds, when I had this vision.
What I saw was a film being shown to people and this film had a "healing affect" on them. I asked ."what is this film" and the answer came back, "Transmuteo".
Three months later... there I sat in front of your TV., anxiously waiting to see Transmuteo was like a innocent child waiting to open her gift, excited I would receive what I had asked for , but would only know the truth... when, the gift was opened.

As I watched Transmuteo, the tears came and never stopped until the film was over. I was enveloped in a beautiful warm blanket of remembering "home". Home is the heart, where the All resides. All that existed were my truths unfolding ,gently caressing my divine being ,embracing the purity of who I Am, "knowing" that we are all One. As I was the experience, my vibrations increased and I dissolved into this field of pure consciousness, pure potentiality gifting my being with the ability to energetically transmit to others the beautiful essence of Transmuteo, so they too can experience their own truths....

I continue on my journey of the unknown, excited about All the infinite possibilities that exist, and Knowing that I Am the creator of all my experiences. I consciously chose high vibrational thoughts, knowing it will take me into this sacred place where divine love for myself and others lies pure and unconditional allowing me to just Be, because It just Is.

Jean-Luc , I am very grateful for your wonderful gifts you are sharing with humanity. You are a bestower of blessings...
Thank you...

Liliane Green, Penticton B.C.

PS: I get these windows that open quickly and I see things. When this window opened and i saw briefly the people and them watching a film, healing , and I was part of the process .The window opens and shuts very quickly and when that happens i know I need to be paying attention to it as something is going to happen. I asked the question ,WHAT WAS THAT they were watching. The reply came back Transmuteo.
All I knew when i arrived at your place, is that i wanted to watch Transmuteo, not really knowing why, just that my being was very excited inside.



"Transmuteo' is presented with the elegance and integrity of a mystic Artist on Spiritual Quest.
Jean-Luc's latest offering is the fruit of many years of deep personal exploration of
4th Dimensional relationship, the Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine and the perspectival shift that
occurs in the individual undergoing spiritual evolution."

Love, Grace, Blessings, Jean-Luc! the Tsa'A'Densoul, Storyteller





Good morning, dear heart, I watched your DVD at 6 AM this morning during my quiet time, and it is
awesome. It is "A Glimpse of our Tomorrow World." … a vision of what our reality must be like in the
higher dimensions, and it continually brought tears to my eyes and triggered
beautiful memories of times long gone by.
You are truly a visionary artist and I can't thank you enough for sharing your astounding work with me.
When do you plan to have it available for sale… I would love to offer it on my website.
My wish for you is that your work will be made available for the "masses."
It certainly is inspiring and should definitely be "out there."

My love and angel blessings,

Ronna Herman Author/Lecturer , Reno, Nevada.



Hi Jean Luc,

Just a quick email ... I showed my daughter Michaela and a friend your film…Michaela will write to you what
she felt …and she cried through most of it..
She said that it was the sadness because she knows how things are really meant to be. Your film was showed
her how it is really meant to be here on earth .
and .NOT how it is presently.
She told me " we all don't understand how beautiful things should be" …
your film showed the reality of its wonderful beauty and possibilities……
She was very 'moved' .she said it was almost a 'shock' to her to see the images.like it was all just too much ……
And that her unborn baby also responded to it too.

Aloha Mary Rodwell, www.acern.com.au , Australia


" The film was like a vision, a porthole into a future reality, one that could be ours in the present if everyone
could see the 'light' that could be.
If enough souls awaken and embrace the possibility of peace, tranquillity, harmony and love. AND LIVE IT!!
And then they would see and feel in their hearts could manifest…
This is what I felt was portrayed by the film.

Its ties together the past, present and future into one NOW. All there is- opening our hearts, and third eye
with symbology, sacred geometry colour and sound, opening our eyes to possibilities.
I felt the images funnelling directly into my third eye charka, changing me opening me and helping
me to remember. This continues long after the film had finished.

At times the images were overwhelming with Beauty and I found myself moved to tears, with the thought
" they just don't understand, how it could be"
So caught up in the denseness, the fears and the power. Too blind to see it all the REAL beauty of the world.

And the whales and the dolphins energy-so peace filled and calling us to the truth, beyond the sadness at what
human beings have done.
It made me yearn, call and cry out for that NEW WORLD and gave me a taste again of what and
how it all COULD BE!! IF ONLY!!!

My 6 month old un-born child responded in like moving, dancing and floating on the energies
that entered my body.

Watching the film wasn't entertainment. it WAS AN EXPERIENCE…………
And one I would like every soul in this world to see, acknowledge and embrace and move towards .Please!

Michaela Rodwell . Perth West Australia


"In one of the most extra-ordinary animated films ever made, we are whisked
on an underwater carpet ride through a thousand altars in the cathedrals of
the bio cosmic worlds of Jean Luc Bozzoli. Your dimensional mind will unwrap
itself again and again and then reflower into yet another series of geometric
acrobatics as the deeper magic of this imaginary biosphere comes to life for you.

The colors in this opulent new world are opalescent metallic and always
gleam with sparkling sunset lights. This is like living at the edge of our universe
where supernovas are going off, except in this case they are made by an artisan
and jeweler working alchemy with light. This is a world of spiritual epiphanies.
This is a world of intricate unfolding. This is a world you hope someday will be
your next lifetime. This is a birthing of underwater cathedrals that suspend
your journey into time.

There are more paintings in this animated sequence and the number
of stills would rival an art museums collection. I estimate 5000 still images
could be extracted from this massive animated undertaking.
This is a mother load of
spiritual imagery that can serve our global culture for a century or more and
with a distinction purely its own. This is the royal jewelry of a great mind
and consummate artist."

James B. Channon
Social architect, Hawaii.


I first met Jean-Luc Bozzoli through his dolphin cards. He was described as a Visual Transformational Artist.
What is that? I did not know. What I did know was I recognized the images and the landscape brought me
home, finally, to profound beauty and peace. My dreams started changing and I began to experience
a joyful synchronicity in my life.

My first dream coalesced in the moment between dreaming and awakening. The dream began as a point
which started slowly spiraling, leaving a trail of comet dust as it made its way towards me. It took form:
a rolling pyramid, spiraling, spiraling, slowly, gracefully, over and over, closer and clearer. Awareness and
anticipation captured me. I had been waiting for this moment beyond time. The pyramid connected with
my solar plexus and imploded throughout all my meridians, my electronic grid-work, within, above, below,
surrounded and breathed me.

A message resounded. Every cell within me spoke: "We are the Matrix. We are the Grid."

As time passes, I still see the interconnection of light throughout the night sky with the inner knowledge of
where each star connected between stars and all matter. As I travel, I am aware of the blanket of
protection the Matrix gifts to the planet in every moment, albeit the moment. As I share presence with
other entities, I am humbled by the love and co-creation we bubble forth for all eternity.
This is the power of the Matrix.

I think Jean-Luc is always in this state of constantly "seeing" the River of Knowledge: The Path of the
Matrix. He states almost forlornly, "All I can do is to share what I see and hope the images will invoke a
deeper connection of self awareness and their contribution to the whole within people."

Jean-Luc's innocent apology of not being able to contribute more is so amusing to me. I have seen
mentors gasp at the beauty and raw truth of his art. Some have been Caregivers preparing since their
infancy to serve as a Majordomo, if you will, of many of the larger entities of energy being birthed into our
planetary grid. Some are tasked with communicating messages in the form of readings, healing
sessions, workshops and the like. All are transformed.

Bozzoli's images are packed with Sacred Geometry. His paintings capture the interdimensional
world of the I Am. Its beauty, when viewed, starts to trigger the pulse of the grid and a synergistic core is
created and accelerated; the individual joins with other entities/matter to manifest co-creation. This results
in a group of individuals synchronistically unfurling, one by one, like petals of a flower blooming, sharing
beauty as One to the Whole. I fondly describe this phenomenon
as "the wake of the pulsing matrix": The Awakening.

When Jean-Luc's images continue to flow in the longer, moving meditation of his films, the All is streamed
into our Mainframe which then communicates throughout the meridians permeating individual cells down
to our DNA which reawakens and enables healing, light and a profound Joy to manifest into reality.
The individual continues to evolve into their Life Purpose, with a very subtle transformation:
There is a coupling of Rebirth and Joy in every breath taken in and a coupling of Completion
and Joy in every breath flowing out.

Capturing Bliss into film…quite a monumental task for the genteel dauphin disguised as a Visual
Tranformationalist to do. Jean-Luc Bozzoli seems to be wearing the responsibility well. He is, after all,
Akbal, the visionary who pulls up the pyramids throughout eternity, throughout all Star Nations.


Me ke aloha pumehana, Linda Keiko Brogan , Honolulu, Hawaii.



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"The best of a "film" is not the thought which it contains,
but the thought which it suggests;
just as the charm of music dwells not in the tones
but in the echoes of our hearts."

.Oliver Wendell Holmes.