Q: Am I really creating my life according to my dreams, passion, and intention?

TRANS (moving beyond) MU (LeMUria) TEO (God/Goddess) explores our relationship to New Paradigms.

TRANSMUTEO takes us on a journey to explore our vast inner world. Perceived by our heart and soul, this visual melody unfolds in holographic imageries. The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm. Our Spirit dances with this celestial ballet, which visually transports us and we fly freely into breath-taking vistas.

Entering other dimensions, we visit vast mystical kingdoms beyond Time and Space, the fluid realm of
the Dolphins, the Whales, and the Ancient Ones.

Once we quiet the mind and calm our thoughts, we can intent and align our energies to the vastness beyond all frames.

Beneath the tribulations of our human dramas, unframeable love energy awaits us, always ready to animate our imagination. This love opens our horizons to unlimited universes.

We cross the threshold and merge into Dreamtime with eyes wide open, stepping closer to our original nature - just as a child seamlessly enters and becomes one with the secret garden of his imagination.

Home is oneness with all Life.

When we honor and tune to the spirit of Bird, we merge with Bird and can fly.
Man’s imagination creates air planes, then we fly.
Shamans merge with the matrix field of Eagle.
Herein lies the power of thought-form projection. And our passion shapes our next reality.


A multi-dimensional meditation, Transmuteo's images will feed your soul
while preparing you to explore our coming new paradigms via energetic transformation.
Transmuteo will allow you to experience the infinite quality of Parallel Universes.
Fascinating and hypnotic, the DVD is used as a relaxation and STRESS-REDUCTION tool.

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