TRANSMUTEO is an Art Film designed to generate a profound state of RELAXATION for Spirit, Mind & Body,
by uniting the two sides of the brain, facilitating our emergence into our natural state of Multidimensionality.
If we knew the life beyond our fish bowl... knew, how beyond belief is the universe, glorious and full of beauty... we'll have nothing to fear!

The artistic visuals assists and activates our brain waves to synchronize our left and right hemisphere,
which inspires our creative abilities to step beyond a limited world and into our next dimensions.
Entertaining and hypnotic the 30 mn movie inspires hope to people with depression.

Within the last 2500 years few sages have suggested us that we live entrapped in the illusionary worlds of our thinking hologram.
The holographic Matrix of thoughts makes up a reality perceived by each humans that is actually simulated realities. Certain social systems created by secret societies or sentient machines have designed programs to pacify and subdue the human population, while their worries and fears are used as an energy source. Now higher cosmic frequencies are sweeping our solar system and pressing humanity to adapt to a more harmonic universal order that is freeing human to use their original higher potentials beyond linear thinking or duality.

From a quantum perspective, the film activates gateways within, to cohere and connect with etheric dimensions.
Life is day and night, life has an objective and an abstract aspect; with an linear thinking and all the mysterious rest still part of us .
Without proper exposure or time to self expression, this abstract realm or dimension of our right hemisphere leads to a certain disequilibrium (unbalance state).
The confusion resulting from a overloaded rational mental attempting to cope with such unfulfilled life leads to feeling low self-esteem and loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities; thus depressive disorder.
Not thinking about we still somehow try to make sense of infinite space, of timelessness... or the seemingly incomprehensible omnipotence of a divine, with no beginning and no end. This is not outside somewhere else, it is always within us.

To live happy is to live in harmony within ourself and so...
The importance of re-establishing a sense of balance between the male / female aspect of our hemispheres is recommended.
So that the rational governing can, if not understand, make some kind of sense or acceptance of the Abstract realm.
The pressures of our restrictive systems gave no room to face the vast Unknown or concept like eternity.... meanwhile we instinctively know that huge changes are open us ... but we also know that we are not psychically or psychologically prepared to face an expanding Universe, yet feeling that we will have to expand with it.

To help the left objective brain to accept the abstract right brain, the movie acts as a guided meditation to relax and get acquainted to concepts of a new paradigm and an updated mystical world.
This entertaining and relaxing show assists in not denying that there are other realities and in facing our multi-dimensionality, with a state a receptivity and acceptance then that we are more that what we think we are.
We are naturally and atomically divine, exquisitely designed. And this State is beyond the brain function but functions by the synchronization of both hemispheres. And the language beyond linear thinking is expansive Geometry.

The wisdom of geometry within us ( bones, tissues and atomic structure) is a stunning design.
Its purpose is like a golden thread that weaves one reality to another, one world to another and one dimension to the next.
We exist by our divine nature in more than one reality, we are multidimensional.
And that is the subconscious conflict we have deep within, when we get trapped by the attachment to emotional behaviors of a limited only rational reality. If you were a bird, and you didn't know you were, you will not try to fly.

Transmuteo's moving geometries connect with the dormant energetic patterns of the viewers and give these codes a ride that is activating the right brain: the dimension of synchronized emotions and freeing the longing intuition and spirit to express itself.

TRANSMUTEO reveals communication-codes of higher Mind, such as those of the whales and dolphins.

"We whales understand the synthesis of consciousness. Here is not a physical being - a whale body -
but instead a collection of ideas being expressed and experienced beyond the presence of a body.

We whales serve as a symbol that allows one to go deeply into Universal mind and draw out information.
...the whole world is our temple... and the writing is in our hearts."
the Whales *

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 1

by harmonizing

- rational / intuitive
- left brain / right brain
- yang / yin
- duality / oneness
- matter /soul

The veil of separation between dimensions of reality is dissolving, stimulating us to rethink where and who we truly are.

A multi-dimensional meditation, Transmuteo's images will feed your soul
while preparing you to explore our coming new paradigms via energetic transformation.
Transmuteo will allow you to experience the infinite quality of Parallel Universes.
Fascinating and hypnotic, the DVD is useful as a relaxation and STRESS-REDUCTION tool.
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