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An energetic tsunami is urging us to root deeper into Love. After this Shift we will
feel our vibration totally upgraded.
Old patterns can no longer exist in this New Dimension of high vibes.
Mastering the mind will make it easier to navigate.
Breathing in Nature will open windows to the New Crystalline Earth.

Humanity is taking The next leap in Evolution. This new Galacticus/multi-dimensional human is
centered in the Heart with a vast array of innovations, light and consciousness.
There is a bigger story to who we are, where we came from, and going to…
all integrated in our DNA Star-Transmissions.

Our sacred-heart’s energy is circulating between the frequencies of human and divine Source
by recognizing the goodness within and gravitating towards which is uplifting,
inspiring, healthy, and happy for us.
This wave of love is catalyzing the massive awakening that humanity collectively has prayed for.
You are the Seed or the Cocoon surrendering to its own process of death and rebirth, ready to fly high.
Your vibration of joy and relationship with the Source of life within is most relevant of all.
You are nothing less, than the power that creates worlds experiencing itself in countless forms.

Within your existence on the Earth there are multiple dimensions.
Our truth is constantly shifting, and who we are is constantly changing.
Everything we are hold the vibration of our truth...
like accessing a very pure aspect of our being that is beyond our thoughts.
And this vibration of truth already exists within the cells of your physical body.




The Big Transition of 2021 and the New Earth timeline.

This huge transition on the Planet was kicked off by the Solar Storm and the 5/5/5 Energy/Lunar Eclipse. The changes involve all aspects of our lives.
In evolutionary terms, the New Species is taking root on Earth. This reminds us of another time in Earth "history" when humans transformed from one "kind" to another. This was when Neanderthals were the dominant species, and they were replaced by Cro-Magnon as our ancestors. Scientist don't know where Cro-Magnon came from, or why they replaced Neanderthals in the chain of evolution.

Similarly, today the 12/13 Chakra Homo Galacticus is replacing the old 7 Chakra Homo Sapiens version of Humanity as we take this next leap in our Evolution. Both kinds of Humans exist on Earth right now, inhabiting parallel timelines. But the old model human form cannot exist on the New Earth timeline. This is because Homo Sapiens/3D humans are centered in the mind and limited in their awareness. Homo Galacticus/multi-dimensional human is centered in the Heart and is awake to their Cosmic and Galactic heritage and connections. As we enter into Solar Cycle 25, we can expect that the rising incidence of Solar Flares will accelerate the pace of this change and the birthing of the New Earth as more and more Light and Light Codes are received on Earth.

We need to be prepared both physically and spiritually for more events that will lift us into the New Earth timeline.
These are the times we were born for!
Our physical body upgrades into the 8th and 9th dimensions (Solar and Galactic levels) if we have chosen that path. Some have not. What is happening is that our physical body/being is in the process of becoming more crystalline on the subatomic level where the geometries of life exist in the Mind of God/Goddess/All That Is…. evolving to carry more Light Codes. ~ Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn


The Concept of “time”

The concept of “time” is energy fields in the timeless continuum, where what you consider past, present and future are a series of simultaneous happenings.

Earth is approaching the continuum, her population is interpreting the sensation of successively lighter energy. Laws of physics that govern this universe are regulating the tides and the rising and setting of the sun and moon so all are occurring as you expect even though linear time is crunching.

The other effect of ever-rising vibrations is the continuing magnification of characteristics and behavior, both positive and negative. Mainstream media report those distressing events but rarely mention high vibrations’ positive effects—the increasing abundance of kindness, helpfulness, respectful communication and cooperative efforts—qualities and actions that will keep expanding within the society in consonance with heightening vibrations. The energy of dark intentions and activities emits low vibrations, and those cannot coexist with high; whatever is based in darkness will keep declining until it has no more energy, thus comes to an end.

Simply by BEing the pure love-light energy of Creator Source, you are radiating into the world the most powerful force in the cosmos. Your every thought and feeling is prayer, and prayers are powerful, so think and feel positive and optimistic about what is ahead. Words, spoken and written, have power—be mindful to choose your words wisely. ~ Suzanne Ward


Decline or Ascension

What happens now is happening in accordance with the souls' prenatal agreements. Many get lost- and that is just what individual souls wanted and chose.
Please don't interfere, neither mentally nor energetically, with the life and the life choices of your fellow human beings - unless they explicitly ask you to.
Things take their course, and your unconditional love for all that-is is put to a test now- your chance to achieve mastery. Because the decisions of individuals in favor of the path of darkness and decline are taking place in your immediate environment. So let go! Meditate on this matter until you can embrace and accept everything from the bottom of your soul.

Engage in your own transformational process! Pay attention to your worries and problems as needed so that they can dissolve. Face your fears so that you can see through them, identify them and let them go! Pay more attention than ever to keeping your own house in order and sweeping outside your own front door! Maintain your inner alignment with Source and realize the deeper meaning of your existence on this 3D earth!
Make sure that your inner light never stops shining and your inner flame of life never goes out.
While heaven is growing within your soul, externally you are experiencing chaos of this 3D-earth. ~ Sanat Kumara


Your "sacred heart."
The energy center near your heart, many called your "sacred heart."
This energy is circulating between the frequencies of human and divine Source. You might feel this love as a feeling of human love, recognizing the light and goodness within another. You might feel it as admiration, or respect. A feeling of contentment, eagerness or enthusiasm.
When it is open, you naturally gravitate towards that which is uplifting, inspiring, healthy, and happy for yourself. You "listen" to your guidance without even having to think about it. Following your heart when you're happy, is as simple as doing what naturally feels good.

Now suppose you are angry, as many are these days. You might have righteous anger. Nonetheless, anger – although it often feels temporarily powerful after a moment of feeling powerless – doesn't feel very good for very long. So, how do you listen to your heart when everything in your conditioned brain is screaming? You can't change the laws immediately. You can't change one another.. but you can listen to your heart, and your sacred heart will always guide you to a more loving and powerful reality.

Your sacred heart might guide you to take some space from the problem – to turn off the news, walk away, remain quiet, or distract yourself with better feeling thoughts and actions. Do you really want to spend your life force trying to change others who don't want to change? Do you really want to put fuel in the emotional gas tank of hurtful people with your attention? Do you really want to beat your head against the wall fighting others who fight back? Wouldn't you rather feel great?

"How does my loving heart recommend I feel peace?" Perhaps you'll crave a nap, or beautiful music, or just walking away from a problem. Listen to this loving heart of yours. It will never disempower you.The divine voice is often a still, small vibrational whisper in your heart, always guiding you upon the most loving, kind, and grace-filled path to all you desire.

Force, Source, Impulse, & Surrender

Be gentle with yourselves. These are intense times upon your planet earth. A mighty force of love is cascading into your planet right now and it is stirring up all that was once stagnant, releasing all that was once stuffed, and pushing up against all the walls of your resistance to love.

This force of love is catalyzing the massive awakening that humanity, collectively, has prayed for. You are re-birthing yourselves, and birth can either be a glorious experience of surrender, or a tough process of pushing past the pains of resistance.

You may feel outbursts of emotion – profound love, or sudden tears of anger or frustration. You may have physical conditions suddenly appear to be revealed and healed. These strong waves of love are purging you – mind, body, and soul – of all that no longer serves so you can become and experience more of what you truly desire.

Think of a seed laying dormant until sun and rain is impulsing to sprout. What once protected is now confining. The force of life within that sprout will summon a mighty energy to cast the resistant shell aside, so it can grow into all that it is destined to be. So like a cocoon, and surrender to its own process of death and rebirth. The Source of life is the impulse that guides it and expanding into something greater within. The butterfly must exert a mighty force to become all that it is destined to be. Mother earth is no different. As she stirs and suddenly the crust cracks and hot magma creating new land. Like mother and baby must surrender to the contractions.

Now this force and Source of life within, encourages you to take the kindest, easiest, healthiest,
and happiest next step on your path.
"Are you allowing yourself to feel loved and loving in a given moment?"

All inner conflict results from your mind being conflicted with your heart in a given moment. Give yourself permission to listen to your heart... in your resting you'll relax and hear your guidance. "Stop giving other drivers power over your peace and your life. You alone have control over your vibration. Take back your mind. Take back your power. Anger is a force propelling you forward into a kinder, more loving reality.

All positive feelings indicate a surrender to the loving impulses of the Source, and all negative feelings indicate a resistance to the loving impulses of Source, then you will more quickly move in the direction of your happiness, health, peace, serenity, security, harmony, and resonant connections. Your vibration, joy and relationship with the force and Source of life within is what is most relevant of all. You are nothing less, than the power that creates worlds experiencing itself in countless forms.~ VisionsofHeaven. com




You Are Ascending
There is a great unraveling, dismantling of all illusion right now with unparalleled inpouring of galactic plasma diamantine energy. Energetically, there is a whole new frequency band, that created a shifting to a collective new octave of light, that we still need to accommodate to and learn to navigate, because all known tools do not work any longer, all old patterns or behaviors can no longer exist here and it creates somewhat turmoil and chaos forcing us to review our engagement and interaction with others and with self. All is being exposed, as soul is stepping in full power.

Stay heart-centered at all times. No matter what happens internally or externally turn to your heart. Stop and breathe when things get out of hand...

Mastering your thoughts will determine how easy you can navigate in this highly potent plasma fluid energy field, where there is nothing to hold on to... the only thing that has some type of consistency is your breath. Being in divine flow with the cosmic breath will help you to keep balanced and anchored in the plasma seas of the evolving new vibrational landscape of this new light octave, where all linearity is gone, no up and no down only Here - Now 0-point fluidity. There is an ongoing upgrading up-leveling of octaves of light to come… adapt to this new crystaline liquid feeling as a fluidity state of being within and without... Take time to replenish and rebalance, go into nature, stay awake and alert. Stay conscious and present in your heart. When you have learnt to navigate this energy you will feel extremely elevated and light. That is the whole point of ascension a returning to the flow of creation, where there is no resistance. ~ Grace Solaris


A Galactic Federation Message For Humanity
It is important that you integrate the cosmic consciousness as part of your natural way of being.
Do not see us as beings outside of yourselves. See us as mere reflections of your beautiful connection to Source... know that we are merely an extension of oneness with you. Integrate the DNA transmissions for the 5D consciousness, and you no longer need to seek advice from us for we are one with you. You can tune into the aspects of yourself that are Pleiadian now and ask the questions.
The light that you hold in the coding of your cellular structure still is always emanating out light. The light is limitless and unending.

You are eternal beings, you all will prevail in transforming the way this planet functions so it is aligned in the light. And you are more than human. We exist in our own DNA physical forms… It is mixed heritage but does not make you any less Galactic.
"laugh and play! only do what you love, for this is the whole purpose! ~ The Pleiadians


Ascended Galactic Collective
The Earth is at the center of an electromagnetic torus field that is holographic, so is the solar system and even our galaxy. It is more than likely that the sum total of our Universe is present within the frequency spectrum of a single torus. This means that each one of us is connected to the entire Universe and as such, can access all the information within it at any given moment. When we get quiet and access what we hold in our Hearts, we are literally connecting to the limitless supply and Wisdom of the Universe, thereby enabling what we perceive as “miracles” to enter into our lives.”

When two or more human Beings meet physically this activates the Universal Torus. The Collective Merkaba is activated.
So the denser lower intentions energies beings will not succeed because they are limited! Unable or unwillingly stuck in the narrower-minded dimension.

“When people touch or are in proximity, a transference of the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs,”
Now there are enough numbers who are awake around Gaia to create this web Flower of Life Sacred Geometry. All beacons for this Crystalline Light Heart resonance.
And we are getting ready for a beautiful powerful merging with human and other Multi-Dimensional Beings.
And this is the Divine Highest Outcome. ~ Zahara Celestial


A Message From St Germain
Within your existence on the Earth there are multiple dimensions.
Your truth is constantly shifting, and who you are is constantly changing. Your truth is an expression of the Creator that flows throughout all dimensions and throughout your being on the Earth. Everything you are holds the vibration of your truth... like accessing a very pure aspect of your being, an aspect that is beyond the ego, even beyond thoughts, and form.
It is the foundation that manifests fulfilment for you on the Earth and all other dimensions. A deeper understanding is that this vibration of truth exists within the cells of your physical body.

As your thoughts shift, your emotions shift, and aspects of your physical body heal and transform.. allowing your intuition to guide you further into fulfilment and expression of the Creator.
We are impacted by outside influences, outside suggestions, opinions judgments, scenarios, experiences, and this impact the cells of your being. What you put into your body, food, drink, other aspects that your body absorbs impacts your cells, impacts even who you are.
The truth will transform you on so many levels of your being especially physically, reminding you of your health, well-being, healing abilities, and power which remains with you always, and yet sometimes is not recognised.

When you activate your cells as carriers of truth, you physically feel the presence of your truth. You can act and react from this truth, creating truth in your reality. As more and more people achieve this, so the reality of truth, the reality of the Creator will dawn and manifest, present for all to experience. ~ Steven Hutchinson


UFO Disclosure Is Happening -What It Means
You will be able to ride on the ships of your ET families.. and go to faraway places, and they will share their technology with everyone. This is happening, and it’s a part of the shift in consciousness.
You need to know that you are much more than just physical bodies with brains who are living out a lifespan in a single lifetime on a single planet. There is a bigger story to who you are, where you came from, and even how you were created to be the way you are right now as a human race.

It is okay to have something happen that then causes people to think differently. It’s very natural for it to occur, and it is occurring, and this is a reflection to you of that. Relax, smile, and take a deep breath, because you have made a tremendous stride forward. ~ the Arcturian Council by Daniel Scranton




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