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Within our "star-nature" are our tools of Transmutation = Love focuses, balances and transforms our field of energies into wings - our trans-dimensional magnetic / electric "vessels"
"Always fascinated to experience the mystery of " INFINITY " ; the ultimate Source of a not far-distant world... an "here/now" realm and perception.. 
- Simply listening to the" MUSE " :  our pure Feminine aspect, Mirrors of our Gratitude, the INTUITION and Co-creation. The Sacred Yin Beyond cultures and genders - We are naturally linked with our innate nurturing innovative..

Deep within.. are memories of "our real life"… a timeless beauty before birth & after death.. beyond the veils of the restricted physical duality… Access this simply by Living in Harmony with NATURE. “ JL

Solara ( Earth like planet ): coming in and out of Multi-dimensional Bubble-Universes

Solara ( Earth like planet ) is coming in and out of Multi-dimensional Bubble-Universes - Teleporting instantly, popping in and out of dimensions ( via the M-Theory: unifying many quantum physics options.)
- Their communication: if you cannot assimilate it using your brain, you will start to feel it in your heart.
Hugely connected with their planet - we will all learn from each other.
The emotional pressures within humanity had risen to such an extent that your Mother Earth had to release these vibrations in volcanic action and now the lava bubbles up and find its way back to the ocean, cooling, and forming new land.
Cut through all illusion. It is essential to keep personal vibrations high and clear, and to focus only on Love and Harmony. Do not allow any event to pull you down into fear,
for these emotions prevent you from reaching into a higher level of consciousness.
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The Earth Transiting   &   The Rainbow Bridge of the Dimensional Shift

" The Earth Transiting & The Rainbow Bridge of the Dimensional Shift " Waves of photonic Codes reaching Earth, are seeding and transmuting Life into higher consciousness.
Bridges already in place in Hawaii... As of timeless Lemuria, where the Left and Right-Brain were/is balanced now comes a Renaissance of Creative Energy that is again allowed to flow.

We're breaking away from the old 3D narrative of collective programming, towards a quantum state of Reality: created by individuals exercising abilities to focus energy and shape Plasma Energy into visionary experiences.
This new energetic, re-designs DNA to function within this multi-dimensional 5D Earth  -  Living in two simultaneous worlds - remaining, anxious in 3D, or peaceful in a Beyond Time/Space Quantum
... truly Everything is fluid!.. we can change the shape of the reality by focus and re-imagining it.
In the multi-dimensional New Earth, we will be making use of “magic” in a life that honors and enjoys the incredible and infinite Beauty of Nature, Elementals and All Life

The Transmutation is on!  - Earth becoming again a stargate to the Multiverse.
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"WE-Consciousness":  the unchanging indivisible One in the infinite diversity.

Fractal Seas
WE-Consciousness": Inner and Outer Peace, WE: the unchanging indivisible ONE in the infinite diversity.
Our loved ones who have transitioned.. they simply transferred energy, like FRACTAL geometry: ( your stairs to Infinity, your divine self ).. all the way down IS the same as all the way up... Change your perception...Beyond your linear, your consciousness is from the stars.

We have the potentials now to rewrite our destiny, our perception and beliefs… You can create a new human being... as you unwrap the layers of negativity and old reality.
Powerful insights are coming along with these cosmic upgrades… your awareness will sharpen to higher levels during these times, yet we need to fully heal and cleanse from our past, to evolve into the NEW EARTH.
Participate by not letting darkness creep in and staying in high vibration! Breath deep, relax, rest... in the moment of NOW, this is where the NEW GAIA resides.
By consistently raising our frequency out of fear and into a place of love and appreciation... we are becoming an instrument of PEACE that is vital to the survival of the planet.
WE TRANSMUTE this experience for ourselves and for humanity. - Your light and joy is the power that changes the world: it is not quantitative - it is Quantum?
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Our Light... this vast quantumness ready to shine

Do not despair - Do generate the light that you came in with. Broadcast your light, shine this high consciousness - How do you think this planet has turned this corner,
do you not understand
that the light that you have is a multi-dimensional force - it is not linear, it's not the amount of it, it's the intense quantumness of it, that is to say.. that a little goes a long way. ~ Kryon
"All the mind-streams eventually flow into the One Ocean Beingness. There are many pathways for the mind; there are no paths for the Heart, for the Heart is infinite and fills everything.”
"Gratitude shifts you to a higher frequency and attracts better things to you"
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Birthing Multi Earths & Multiverses..

Birthin Mu
Birthing Multi Earths & Multiverses.. and because Gratitude creates synchronicities: the clues of subtle energy that build new worlds... therefore better timelines for you.
The magic power of "3"… is in the common denominator… finding what "2" love together or like to work on…(to move out of this density). You are connected with the power that runs and creates universes.
Humans are designed in Love's image and likeness, so in this game of free choice, unplug your human brain app "iTryiSurvive.” and allow yourself to tune into the "iLive-iLove-iCreate."

By seeing / hearing / feeling the subtle clues, that change the within. This is the Law of Resonance.. and new choices create a new vibration (YOU) that Life interacts with. Go within and soothe the self into healing.
Your internal clues are the most important driver, because the external clues of Life are responding to your vibration,
Balance is the active endowment of your natural Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, in equality. Life wants your empowerment because Life expands through you…
As you are loving yourself and loving Life, it amplifies your focus that shapes the future.

You have an invisible aspect of yourself that is infinite, connected to all of Life .
Your peace is the transformer of your Life.. it is your multidimensional, infinite nature.. use the full spectrum of your being. The key is having patience… choose Love and peace in your Life.
Honor this power and beauty that flows through you, it is the same power that builds worlds.
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New Earth Frequencies

Earth Frequency
in Solar Minimum, Galactic radiations/transmissions bring powerful transformative Codes and New Earth Frequencies… activating the Right Brain, way beyond linear technology.. into High Intuitive Levels.
Thru your consciousness, you can send or visualize!.. creating like a bubble of peace over any event, sending solutions or better outcomes - that is projection/ Action of Compassion. It is flipping the energy into another timeline or scenario
Then your DNA starts to develop instinctually and conceptually. The 90% or so, that apparently isdoing nothing (which actually does everything) - is Quantum and is going to start shifting!

Fully activated DNA creates Masters, you've had a number of them on the planet - their message to you? "We are full functioning human beings and you can do it too, we are One with Everything and so are you!” they were the real Futurists!
This new DNA begins to amp itself up. The body is more aware, your own cellular structure have self Diagnostics and that is innate and intuitive. Biology is going to change. How would you like to feel like 35 until you’re 200!
Even in all beliefs ... differences will be celebrated instead of warring over them. Human beings will change in Attitude as remembrance and Akashic inheritance will start to surface. You will come into the planet knowing absolutely that you've been here before.
And your children are going to see a better earth, not a worse one.
With release of judgment comes an activation that creates an ease within. From that inner freedom, all creation comes smoothly from inspiration.
It is heart/mind unity - the inner work of changing your resonance... so humanity blossoms anew .
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" vibrations, vibrations, vibrations ”

In 2018 the energy will arrive steadily, in many waves. As these energies start to come in, we will experience different ways of thinking.
Earth is immeasurably more valuable than any piece of her property and to her, "vibrations, vibrations, vibrations” are of utmost importance..and our steadfastness in the light is helping Earth’s vibratory levels keep rising,
Understand that our Spirit moves first,for our Spirit is the ethereal part of us that does not have density.
 The human animal is starting to evolve very quickly in order to carry more light. … and the interim step is to release the habit of linear thinking. It also has a lot to do with balancing the feminine/masculine on your planet 
Know that we have it all deep within us and everything that we need is here. We need nothing from the outside.
In this Consciousness, the Creations of our Hearts will cleanse and clearand regenerate life on Planet Earth.
Once we have created our inner Sanctuary Garden, it will begin to create this on Earth, so that Earth may become a multi-dimensional Paradise Garden.
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WATER & your Quantum Reality of the New Earth.

All the Waters
For a planet of Beauty and Peace.. this is co-created by being alert all the time with an attitude of Love and Appreciation for the simple little gifts that Life offers us...
a smile, a breath, a flower, the trees, Sun-Light & rain, Nature's food and All that is Life ( not easy in a hi-tech world of data )
Beyond the many negative news, our constant Focus on simple Gratitude is Key to Conscious evolution, Love and health.
These adventures within are your own daily Art-forms... the steps in this new Quantum Reality of the New Earth.No Being is greater or lesser, for we weave the greatest tapestry of Life - all co-creators, together as One!

Acknowledge the Flows of Water everywhere for this nurtures your body, heart and Soul as it does in all seeds and plants.
For when you are done you will return to the Stars once again. ( the Realms of Infinite Perspective and eternal friends ) - Beyond the duality or linear human conditioning, we are more than our body, culture, creed or nation...
now is this major shift of awakening beyond the veil… and so "Bon Voyage" into Multidimensionality ! ( into all Times/Spaces, Everywhere at once ) - Pure Water, Pure Truth.


Activating timelessness and the DNA of multidimensionality

Recognizing your spirit first and your humanness second ( within Free Choice ) - A new kind of Human will emerge with "coherence of the heart" at its core, always win-win…
as this evolution of multidimensional consciousness brings alignment with what is hidden on the other side of the veil, it activates our
multidimensionality and the connection to the creative Source.
in 3D biology the 23rd chromosome makes you a man or woman - then the 2012 marker linked your DNA within the Quantum Field - it added chromosome pair "24th" of multidimensionality...
( with extra senses you are never alone, becoming tuned to dear soul friends beyond 3D. ) ( soon or later by letting go of the linear paradigm attachments )
while always finding a little gratefulness in our life, heart and mind
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The Eye of the Storm... Stillness & Amplification

You are a combination of evolutional biology of this planet, plus seeds of consciousness from the stars.
Everyone gets to take as long as they want before waking up to the realization that life, is a love game. Proceed to Go!
In this 2018 Year of Amplification, the only thing that really matters is your vibration. With your authentic thoughts and emotions you are aligning with the subtle laws of time and space.
The future is a response to the present moment. Your soul is rising up within you to experience more fully the Love that you are. You can no longer deny your own hearts.

Your inner realm is your sovereign domain. Transformation is to occur so that all experiences becomenew understanding of the self ... access the stillness, observe with detachment ... and allow excitement and play to flow.
Observe the beauty in life... the negative then transforms in merely an opposite, not an opposition. You become the Eye of the Storm, even as life spins around.
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Mauna Ala - the Mountain Path & The Missing Link

Mauna Ala - the hight Mountain Mother Path & The Missing Link. The Seeding from the Stars... Your very DNA is not fully human, that is the real LOVE STORY... when all the sudden the veil would lift - be open to the non-linear downloads… when you suddenly realize “ I’m Forever "
You're a Circle in Time, you always were! - where is the beginning? in the end of a circle? ... Lemuria the largest Mountain - echo of the Pleiadian Mother - Gaia has not only an energy but a timeless Consciousness
Past friends, made up of the souls that you have loved and lost among your lifetimes - they're still here... so many have reincarnated and yet they're here in the Entourage, well! how could that be!
Welcome to "non-linear multidimensionality" where many can be in many places at the same time!
You are watching this planet In this Shift now and from the cosmic Akash we would remember of all of the Galaxies, all of the Universes..
you never were born - you've never ever had a beginning or end, a circle in time you always were, that's who you are, but for the Earth, you represent the beginning of the teaching of the purity the forgotten Love of the Infinite Source inside.
Inside... you are always the oneness of all, so all things belongs to you and now within your cosmic soul you start returning with that perception of ALL THAT IS.
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The Gifts of Alignments...with others, Nature, the Stars, yourself and The Source

When you cast your eyes to the stars, they are part of you - your chemistry and DNA! - The Field of ONE developed a symbiotic relationship with the trees and ALL life, so that you could exist.
The "missing link"... is your alignment:
"If I am part of The Creative Source, therefore, I am this! - I am multidimensional!" a piece of everything on the planet, I am many dimensions... and of the Stars!
This is where the evolution of humanity will occur:this coherence of unity with ALL THAT IS.
for now: Find some simple things that replenish you : Life benefits from your joy! ... you are Life in human form! ( and soon you will speak Dolphin ) - -
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Holographic Universes: “Re-member the game, wake up.”

Whales and Dolphins know they travel thru Holographic Universes… playing and inspiring human to reach a consciousness in tuned with Gaia and Galactic harmony.
“Re-member the game, wake up.” and choose your Earth parallels
Between outer chaos or inner peace.. it is a constant realignment . Your vibes or resonance is a strong magnet for the Universe to synchronize and align Life to your future. Plant the seeds you like to see blooming.
Time is not just a circle ... it is a spiral - Detachment is not a lack of compassion, it is a lack of turmoil. And the universe speaks the totality of your vibrational information.

Like the cells of your body... Unity never requires sameness - Differences benefit you! - Re-member you also hold the light, for the light supersedes the shadow -
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The Perspective of isness

.                                  Perspective    ( Pi  3.14 to infinity )
With-in the Shift... Existence is a timeless relationship .. “You are an aperture through which the Universe is looking at and exploring itself.” Alan Watts
Humanity is coming into contact with new realization about reality.
Think peace-beauty and the vibrations will continue to lift up your quality of life and speed it up. -  "In time you will fully understand all events that have or are yet to take place, and the part you have played in them."
"Imagine that there is an infinite number of rivers. Each one will carry you to a different future.You decide which future you want... you hop in..."
Ann Albers
In the isness all things resolved themselves beautifully. The mind will always send you on a mad journey and if knowledge is of any use, is to remind you of your Truth.
The mind will always reinforce duality - not aware of the Unified Field or Nature's Harmony - Exhale this ego-state of tension into the isness field of oneness!
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the invisible 99% of you..

the invisible 99
the invisible 99% of you.. is the unknown of you who travels eon.. many countries, races, planets, galaxies… with memories of Home, the Great Central Suns of ALL THAT IS.
- Now Earth is changing and so you do! Now is our Quantum Point to reconnect!.. Too long in duality... that you have forgotten that you are, in fact, WHOLE.
Like the nucleus of the atom, you are magnetizing life to you through your vibrational resonance. Life is unconditionally responding to flow. Your human self is 1%, your Higher Self, the unknown DNA of yours is 99% of you.
Flow with the subtle realm - the Call for a BALANCE - yin/yang - In the darkness... many of you will hold the light
. . .
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A multidimensional message to a three-dimensional brain

Humanity has passed a point: " The Wisdom Barrier " - Everything about this unseen energy is starting to enhance
The physics of consciousness being quantum and not linear nor quantitative... it creates attributes that are going to create the future of this planet !

it's almost an exponential evolution.. you don't have to start all over every single time you're born, you come in with the factors that you learn before and build upon them - born wise! and it's going to change everything
This Benevolent Factor, is creating increased DNA percentage activation of a new human being who can create things out of nothing

Live and abide with the Love that creates universes - The very same Love that waits patiently to surface within you.
Shift your own resonance into a clearer alignment with what you want to create. Your authenticity is your doorway.. it creates a harmony in your vibration that opens you to new choices -
It takes a courageous balancing of masculine and feminine energies to master this flow. . .
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Thoughts are electrical - Emotions are magnetic

Cosmic Dance
This Evolution Jump is your cosmic dance. Now is the quantum Transition - The sunspots effect the Earth with Shifts and Cycles.
Thoughts are electrical - Emotions are magnetic and this new human has a choice to release energy mind clutter
In 5th D... awareness of the Earth come to the forefront - Admiring the most simple beauty of what is all around in Nature. This gratitude imprints circular time, spiraling it up into your future.
You are starting to step into a whole new cycle of time and that is incredibly exciting. New levels of reality where a multidimensional experience can harmonize together as one. Rather than being the effect of the "noise" passing right through your field
all is now accelerating and it's going to accelerate more you can worry , or you can create.
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Gaia... and your DNA

Cave of Creation
Gaia... and your DNA ( the unknown 90% )
Gaia and the full recording of soul’s lifetimes,
all in the interdimensional Gaia’s cave of creation - past, present and future - the cave is predisposed in a quantum state to be complete every moment
Gaia’s crystalline grid.
Gaia with the Whales and Dolphins -
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I am PRESENT... I'm everywhere.

The Present
I am PRESENT... I'm everywhere.
“You have created this game, but now the game is about to change. Each of you have an incredible of Beauty that you have brought from Home. Of course, you decide that, for there is no judgment here at Home.
When Home, your SPIRIT is not masculine or feminine... you are a spirit first... so incredibly empathic... in this way there can be no war. You are pretending to be separate so much that you actually believe it." 
The ability of staying in the PRESENT opens to Peace, Harmony, Creativity and synchronistic events ( the Soul’s true self - the conscious path of the Spirit - beyond the veil of duality /“birth & death”)
Yet there is still this lure-addiction to the tribulations of living in the limitations of TIME - drowned in this linear 3D world of the thoughts of the past and the illusions of the future. 
"You are not separate and that is the key. Do not believe everything you see. Believe what you feel in your heart.. and you will start balancing the energies of planet Earth in such a beautiful way." 

the Eclipse the GATEWAY

The ECLIPSE : Opportunity to Change - This Eclipse is a GATEWAY to our Authentic True Path...
Major New Beginnings with resources of the Universe available to us. See Beyond the Veil of 3D limits This 5D integration gate is not part of everyone’s path... yet an incredible Turning Point is offered
in Finding the Still Point of Trust within and deciding about our real Values -
Even in the most challenging times, invoke the Love Choice in everything - and Dream your dreams Bigger
Our unconscious tendencies are being stirred, Patience is required - Rooted in Love... to progress and express in our life that which honors what we are as a SOUL Being.

Our WATER, who art in Heaven & Earth ... with Unlimited Fresh Energy

Our WATER, who art in Heaven & Earth ... with Unlimited Fresh Energy 
-  with Sun & Sirius rising together, it ignites our Sirian Connection and new Perspectives.
“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our own mind” ~
Gautama Buddha
"Why Expect the Worst? Many shifts move into benevolence where there was none before
SHIFTS are not always bad. Sometimes you've all had good things happen unexpectedly. Think Quantum! not in straight lines - Circle! it's all in nature and space"
~ Lee Carroll
"Total Eclipse: to EVOLVE past this dimension, time, space and ego.
Our contracts with other souls before coming here... trigger us into higher awareness. As the shadow side is revealed in us and the collective... choice of more light can then takes it’s place."
~ Diane Canfield
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Galactic Frequency Shift Update ( the Mayan and Egyptian Two Suns - July 26th to 8/8 / Sun-Sirius Rising )

Yellow Crystal Seed
We close one galactic year and move into the next: we are entering the "Yellow Crystal Seed Energy" of this year: to understand that our words, our thoughts,our actions, our intentions... are all living seeds that we are constantly casting out into the field of pure potentiality
From a "Constructive Force of Destruction” ( last year "BlueSpectralStorm" )… from a lot of turmoils and seeming chaos... to purify by Total Transformation and to understand its has all been in service to a deeper Revelation of who we really - a deeper emergence of truth.
Challenges are Opportunities
Stepping now in the
crystalline cycle of the cooperation and wholeness with our own inner-innate higher wisdom and the reality that our heart has already stepped in the 5th Dimension.
(even if the mind is still in 3D.)
This will create the space for further empowerment of the Goddess energy on the Planet... as the Right Brain energies of Creativity and Compassion become more clearly active.  
You are a bandwidth of humanity… Old Souls Smiling Your Way Home... this is the start of major benevolent change, not the beginning of doom. 
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Merging and Becoming the New Resonance

The world you are helping to create in linear time, already vibrantly exists in the continuum… thus the planet is restored to health and pristine beauty - it is all about resonance!
It is not the destiny of Earth’s peoples to go backward, but to move ever forward toward peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature... yet the experience here is free choice.

Planetary vibrations will advance only endeavors that best serve Earth and all her life forms; your optimism about Earth’s future will help to dispel the low vibrations of dismay and as you direct your energy into positive thoughts,
feelings and actions this not only preserve progress, but add momentum so light surge forward in abundance to all of Earth. Visualizing the planet restored to health and beauty and all peoples living in “peace, mutual respect,
cooperation and life in harmony with Nature” will hasten the day in linear time when this world is fully manifested.
Many are fearful right now when it’s not actually serving improvement.
It is you, becoming the infinite potentials of the future... It is you, with the courage and power of your present moment - allowing your free will to anchor a new resonance of your sacred flow with Life.

We do have a relationship with a Living Conscious Earth.
Humanity has only been here for a moment... and this universe teems with life and souls
. ( Kryon / Matthew / Price ) Read more on my Facebook ( with larger images and detailled articles )

Earth Dimensional Shift - a new human - intuition: the quantum way

"Thank You for Taking Your Power" ... even if you can't see us - we are One
There are two earths - two stratas of consciousness now - much like changing the channels on your television ... it's all about the ability to alter your own ascension, your own evolution,
to influence the Earth's rise back to a twelfth dimensional fully christed state of consciousness and to open a door for humanity to walk through into a fifth and multi-dimensional level.

Having an awareness about this - not a fearful state of mind - the ability to start to vibrate into that level of consciousness - engaging with the higher-self, engaging with the soul really...
to create an alignment of awareness into these higher multi-dimensional realities with a very simple step into the fifth dimension, a state of well-being, a state of co-creation, cooperation, grace, integrity, humility, respect, dignity...

You are creating an entirely new Realm of Consciousness. Gaia is very clear about what's happening - it's us who are now beginning to be informed about another chapter in this transition -
Your Innate is your second brain, it is dynamically quantum - the innate and the higher self - use this tool that is intuition ... it's helping you with Synchronicity.   
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It’s getting crowded on the 4D bridge now - the pathway between 3D and the new 5D.

Perfums & Sounds 1991
that is why you came here!  to help raise the/our frequencies
As some find the courage to shine more brightly and separate from those who need to take their time to make their choice ... eventually everyone will arrive at the place where they feel aligned with their energy. 
eventually the presence of the brightly shining lights ahead of them... will inspire them. The universe has no opinion about anyone’s journey or progress.
~Jennifer Hoffman

 You're part of the chemistry of Earth, the physics of the Universe. You are part of a grand, planned system. - Whales have already recalibrated the migration routes to the new magnetics grids. 
The physics of the planet had to shift for a new consciousness to begin.   People are starting to be far more receptive to new ideas of who they are, and are getting out of old paradigms. 
Your intuition is better today than ever before so now - Imagine an intuition that lights the way so there's no question anymore! 
The magnetic grid and the field will be pushing together to create harmony between Human Beings,  Light creates light.  How can high consciousness multiply? It's because of the new physics.  
~ Kryon
It's when the Human who is creating it knows about the "God inside". How Laughter multiplies itself through joyful energy?  Just a new and beautiful internal compass.
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The Wild Cards  and  the Beacons of Change

The ocean is infinite, then a wave comes into time , a wave is Water, ocean is Water, the wave rolls along the surface, you call it a life.. then it subsides, you call it a death
but it's only water, - who dies? : name and form and belief - this is this world! this thought world!
Until the mind says something happened, experientially , nothing happened. If it doesn’t register in consciousness , effectively , nothing happened!
It is not imposed upon you - you decide. Every thought, every emotion is a tourist. and I am not a hotel … let them come and go. You disregard: it doesn't happen. This is your power!

Keep the attention in neutrality. Abide as the Awareness only. Yet enjoy being human… knowing you are also beyond this mind game… as all is passing
You are the Unborn, the Undying, the Timeless, you are pure awareness beyond what comes and goes
if you remain without identifying with what appears, then your own timelessness will become self evident. You are the one before, the pure awareness who witnesses your mind.
Mooji: Mastery of the Sages
Spirit is not a judging Spirit. The source of the Universe has seeds within you. You will always be and you always were. .. that means that your soul awareness is eternal.
Death is a Human occurrence, not a spiritual one. The soul is forever. It always was and always will be. That which you hold so sacred which is the core of you, the very consciousness that is alive in you and has your name on it,
is the energy we know and love. It is forever. You'll never die - not that part - and you'll always be aware, even when you leave this planet for the next adventure. That's the message. It's filled with promise and beauty!
~ Kryon
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Many beings have been sent here to Gaia to help restore the empathic genetic lines of love, oneness and service.
The empaths are sensory and feeling oriented as they pick up signals through their innate intuitive awareness of others and the subtle field frequencies and higher dimensional realms.
These Starseeds work closely with the consciousness of Gaia and Nature.

You are planting the seeds of your own future with your thoughts. We see infinite souls living who leave the beauty of the infinite to become finite for a very short of time.
You put on one of these bubbles of biology and step into the game pretending to be a human. ... You come in at critical times to make a difference .
By moving into light body and changing your own physical structure. Every time you can raise your vibration, you raise the collective human vibration of Earth.
Doing so not only affects the Earth, it also helps to settle the Earth. Your job is to be there with the spirit. What did your spirit come here to do?

Let it transform within you... and allow yourself to receive nurturance. As you become an Empowered Sovereign, you anchor that ease with Life.
Life transforms through your willingness to flow Life from all its facets into the innate beauty it is.
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The Mer-people & the Spring of Humanity - You are Water

The Mer-people & the Spring of Humanity - You are Water - coherent with One Ocean One earth - magnificent subtle realms, always here!
Observe how dolphins expand their spirit, their molecules and bodies to merge with the crystalline structures of water, the ocean and the infinite Presence of One.

Just as the seed breaks a shell, so too is humanity. So that new change can grow into the earth through you... You will emanate out a resonance that shifts the physical Earth.
What seems good or bad.. is just an experience that offers a potential of change. Water that seed!... it is within you... find Neutrality within you, as this helps opposites bond into higher potentials.
As a glass shapes water. Move out of fear shaping life, into seeding Love shaping life.

Your observance, your thoughts and your feelings—are powerful electromagnetic forces and you have enough heart-mind coherence to begin a global resonance.
Earth's biosphere responds with you... for the human species and your process of feeling is well understood by the universe.
You are before Time - You are the witness of time and space.

Be like Dolphins, each breath is conscious, each sound is the geometry for your new life (it's cymatic)

Silicon bodies
Life always wants you to thrive and create - Harmonize your subtle realms with the physical. Keep an openness to fun.. it is teaching you to adapt to life.
 When you change deeply, your life changes deeply.  We are anchoring a new reality, not the same patterns repeating. 
Shift your resonance! ... The natural pull of Life is Love.
High Geo- Magnetic changes, solar flares and "cosmic" waves are in. The Shift from Carbon base to Crystalline Silicon Structure bodies - an evolution that comes by staying out of fear

This Shift starts to change your consciousness,  this shift allows you to awaken to new truths.This Transformation is part of the recalibration of the planet...  participate in this change 
Would you accept another surprise beyond the one that you have considered?
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 Yin/Yang Balance and the  - "Triality Focus" -  for New Earth

The Child 1980
As planet Earth's Energy is shifting... our Inner Stillness Shapes the Outer World by accessing Dimensions beyond the Veil - via our Masculine & Feminine Balance and the "Triality" * Focus.
Now is the calm needed before the cosmic waves-energy-shifts-massive-change of 2017, nurture yourselves into the - inner peace - that reconnects with your soul's original intent, that brought you to Earth... to help step out of the 3rd into the 5th
The Whales and Dolphins have held the base energy of Planet Earth for a very long time. More that ever now Responsibility was passed along to humanity.
Beyond the jungle of Time and Space… flowing like water into the realms of our own "infinite Self";  our forgotten Intuitive gift, Source of the unseen and the not yet manifested, is blooming.
The secret is in your connection with Nature
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When the Feminine Flaps it's Wings... Shaping New Worlds

At this moment, all of humanity is in a movement of separation but you can change that. - It is the feminine energy that will change it first and then balancing the masculine and feminine energy at every opportunity.
When You See a New Energy: Take a Breath and Find Likeness - Find the beauty in the imperfections and look for Similarities
Learning to discover your inner strength - the letting go - all aspects of love that is shaping your world.. shaping your inner realm by self-observance - Observing your initial emotional response without judgment … to recognize what is unconscious
Focusing so that the subtle realm interaction is more conscious… as you remain balanced, you will begin to notice the synchronicities occurring, indicator of alignment. Choose your inner focus first, then the outer world connection will follow.

The physical realm with the unknown/unformed of the subtle realm… and the peace within, keeps you open to potentials.
Your magnificent heart is your vast, timeless engine of connection. Think and choose from Love… potentials that serve all of Life… your subtle self… for your inner-peace flows infinitely.
This shift you are in, is going to start rewriting Human history and the Human future. - You’ve heard of time travel? .. that particle, when understood, will allow for this in a specific way, for you would be able to flip into another dimensional scenario or go backwards in time to observe the past in special ways.
"Time repeats itself.” So as you go around the time circle, which to you is a straight line, you will then come upon what we will call energy markers of the past. with the potential to create the same thing the last one did, repeating within the circle. Here it comes again, here it comes again, here it comes again.

Because you have the energy of "expectation" of something on the circle of time + Time is fractal by changing something in the circle of time, you rewrite the future.
The fractals that existed before, that tended to repeat, are voided, and you create new potentials on the circle. You might say you moved into a slightly different dimension where the prophecies of old will not take place.
Your recent election brought you a wild card... something completely unexpected and out of time. - It then changes things from then on. Now we beg you, wipe away the bias.
Watch what you expect! and place your order... for wisdom and compassion… There are more wild cards coming and some of them will be inventions
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You are distant travelers... Yet now on Earth...

Blooming Values
You are distant travelers. Yet now on Earth... “Change” involves disruption... as part of this game.
Yes, there will be chaos... timelines intersecting with each other... yet Vibrational Waves will bring huge leaps
Please do not judge it as being right or wrong, because you negate your own energy when you do that. Simply observe and understand that humanity has a bandwidth - a vibe-matrix.
You are a spirit first and a human second. Harmony between the two has the opportunity to create Change
Expand your passions anchoring new light in times of darkness. Dare to play! These are photons that carry fully charged light within your body... have amazing effects in the world around you.

Be unresponsive to manipulation and deception. Observe, maintain detached compassion…. with creative inspiration and a calm excitement!
This heart/mind coherence will release discordant memory... Allow it to transform with peace via the subtle realms. You are the calm in the midst of chaos that create a bridge of connection to new potentials.
Enjoy the process of opening your mind flow to foresee the beauty of Life blooming. Following the Law of One and Service... allows the Universe to return new resources to us.

The Human -  Mother Earth...  and the Universal Natural Laws

Mother Earth
The impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness.  - “Starseed Awakening” + the Law of One + the Natural Laws of this Universe.
- Respect, Dignity and Harmlessness FOR ALL - Co-creating Responsibly with Earth, nature and animals - Legitimate Admittance to participate with the Intergalactic Community
We exist within multi-dimensional layers of electromagnetic fields with billions of harmonic waves resonating within and around us. Our mind, our consciousness, our thoughtforms are the interaction in-between
these waves that are producing qualities of sound, tone and color. Each belief or thought we have produces resonances in the larger fields that are harmonizing or discordant.

Creating Morphogenetic Fields to harmonize with the blueprint that holds the intelligent information for fulfilling our highest purpose, and to strengthen the color waves that connect us to the larger Unified Field.
Hold these high frequencies in your Heart and Light Body. Via a process of simple resonance... it requires that you “lift the veil” ... for you are infinite and by filling your inner treasure with the beauty of Life.
Look for small things that delight you... to sense the subtle energies that transform life. A beautiful aspect of physicality is duality. These opposites together create a complete whole. This is how you find your Wholeness. This is an exciting part of life.
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2017 energies amplified... Think & Be what makes your heart sing. 

Morphic V. E
The Vector Equilibrium or “V.E.” is the geometry of absolute balance. The blueprint by which nature forms energy into matter. The true zero, the nearest approach we will ever know to eternity. Bucky Fuller
With it, is the Morphic Resonant Field that is our collective unconscious. This Field is a storehouse of electromagnetic patterns from all species!
It All happen Within...
every thought or action is energy, it moves into the field and becomes available to the collective. Times of Peace, Kindness and Beauty are in the Field and free access to you.
Jack Sturgeon

2017 is honoring your sovereignty... for many this will look like chaos, but for others it will be a more subtle realm experience. Your inner-realm is creating the future
Don’t let the outside world confuse your vibration. Your Empowered Sovereignty and healthy detachment compells humanity into Loving evolution.
Take external action in things that make your heart sing.
The new energy is here and you are learning to acclimate into it. Expect miracles as you start to open up your understanding of All That Is.


The Field wants to Harmonize. 

The Presence
The Field wants to Harmonize.  That’s The Phenomenon now ; it's “physics with an attitude”.
It's almost like the beauty of Mother Nature is starting to affect humanity.  The Field will try to create symbiotic systems that work together with compassion and beauty. it's going to change Human nature.
~ Kyron
This Sudden Turn will be a redirection for all of humanity.
Because your individual essence is of the light... it is possible that many of you will be meeting your Lemurian selves  ( a society which empowered one other )
Via the Crystalline Grid, old souls living in pristine land sending new energy to old souls in hard lands...and as well as Nature craves a kind of balance.
You have incarnated over and over again since then at specific times when evolution was critical for your honoring of Human Rights... Now causing this turn.. activating light into entirely new directions.
~ The Group

Flow like water.. seeing that All Life is a Magnificent Illusion, a Playing of Energy and there is absolutely nothing fundamentally to be afraid of… you'll be afraid on the surface… you will be able to be human in the pains,
difficulties and struggles that naturally goes with human existence, you will be afraid of putting your hand in the fire… but you will not be afraid of fear !
"Trust yourself to the water".  When you swim you don’t grab the water, instead you relax and float.
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You Know It's a Movie!.. and It is Possible to Be in Both Worlds

You Know It's a Movie!.. and It is Possible to Be in Both Worlds - What is the real Realty ?… are we living in an ultra Simulation where everything feels so real !
A Pure New World is within reach, but you can't take any of your baggage there with you - none of this old paradigm

Live in the finest vibrations... generated in that formless, timeless awareness, unmeasurable infinite. If not so fine vibrations , denser thoughts and events set in: is your reality like a tv-show?
Choose an existence which vibrates as all minds, all bodies and all universes are ONE, because every sentient being is a universe in it self.

I am the Universe, this Infinity non local, appearing this moment locally as this form... and experiencing all these other forms around... We each write the script of our own Play on Earth!
Each of us are a collection of feelings and thoughts and impermanent patterns of behaviors. Conscious of being Conscious.. of this "I", the "you" who has taken these names and forms. 
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the Human brain - the Dolphin brain... and the vast Field of Consciousness...

The Field
First! find the Stillness within chaos... for now your destination is simply the reflection of your inner world.  Read more on my Facebook
Imagine the ocean as a huge Data Bank, then tap higher into the Universe's Matrix and next into the omnium field of Infinityeventually... Evolution will show you the way!
The Field of Quantum Entanglement = "things that want to work together" in an odd non-linear way. - Harmonization is your solution! find the Stillness again! The Field puts things together... use it!
for this, re-tune to your " Innate "... it is already connected to The Field

Where is this Causal Field? = it is beyond Time and beyond Space - it is Nowhere and Everywhere!
The human brain is ONLY a tool, which is meant to be an interface in and for the third and fourth dimensions.
Do like dolphins, "be Liquid" , venture into matching your own frequency to the inter-dimensionality of this planet of Water (then of this Universe).
It's like you were designed to resonate with something you are unaware of... this resonance is tuned to Togetherness and Harmony, and now you are being asked to HARMONIZE.. to resonate and to resound to The Field.

Our Heart and Light are the Vessels

Up to now... we have mistaken space-time for reality !
... our Heart and Light are the guiding Vessels... to explore new absolute life's potentials. The focus on our own inner loving highest visions, links us to a "superfluid state "
and as there is no boundaries in the Universe... we are Consciousness-Shifters.
Massive magnetic force into the earth is rebuilding our original interstellar genetics by activating our human plasmic and photonic body field.
This is allowing our Soul-Spirit Consciousness to access new abilities in parallel Time-Lines... by experiencing other levels of timeless and formless awareness or time-travel :
being able to move in and out of the time and space fields and the illusion of separation
As the Mother Principle Codes re-surface onto the Earth, focused intention and meditation inspire creativity, healing and the shift into the next Harmonic Universe.
… in sleep state, the physical body is here, but the person leaves the body at night.
Now many are experiencing this in lucid experiences of dreamtime... at levels where our higher consciousness intelligence is learning how to bi-locate with instant awareness.
“ We are form and we are formless, simultaneously... this Transfiguration means that the person can shift their consciousness body into light .”
~ Energetic Synthesis. com

in a Resonance of Peace and Beauty

Peace Resonnance
in a Resonance of Peace and Excitement, rather than Fear... comes True Freedom   Read more on Facebook
Let the excitement of the Unknown become stronger
In the deepest space of our superficial self… beyond the normal being... is an Ocean of Peace... and the Sounds of Beauty

Consciousness is the Acceptance of everything... it's Nature is pure Openness.
By simply living your light & love you exemplify enthusiasm and confidence in Earth’s future.
as telepathic connections open, there will be clear communication between souls on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe.

Human Upgrades within the "Space between spaces”

In Gratitude to the Dolphins, Whales and all animals for holding at Etheric levels - the "Space between spaces” - and facilitating the new vibrations into unprecedented Human Upgrades
- Unseen yet building up... new subtle potentials are rising up now, from deep within the human psyche
- Unveiling Awareness beyond the self-imposed limitations and believes of the linear finite-mind..
- With clusters of thoughts we obscure our essential Nature of Pure Being and therefore we obscure Happiness, our link to infinite One Source Consciousness
- Honoring all our experiences.. to empower our Authentic Self with Intuition and Love- Balancing our energies by Resonances rather than Dominances
" In the Eternal Reckoning - you are all equal as ascended Souls. "
- At any moment - even when all is intensely changing : Discover what is herein.. what is unchanging.


Rejuve Spring

Compassion and Gratitude is the energy within us that fuels and opens us to the next Earth's Destinations
We create the time-lines that we wish from the heart and then multidimensional ways of living unfold - The human brain can’t recall that we have infinite parallel lives - each time we think one way or the other, we actually make new time-line.
( like past-lives, but because there is No Time, it is all in the Now / Infinity )
Harmony of thought is a wisdom that is ours - a shift into benevolence where we don’t expect the worst scenario but awaken to totally new truth
1) Letting go of the old "brain-survival" of the old matrix-world - 2) igniting up our INTUITION.. of a consciousness before all creations. One that we can sense - - > the seeding of a new garden, with many other earths.
New cosmic energies are upgrading our DNA at quantum levels, dwarfing the brain and launching wondrous synchronicities - the All That Is, is connected to Source - the Oneness of All Everything IS, NOW. So everything affects all

Now is the release of old stuck energies, the end of the fake world.. may be disruptive.. yet is transmuting and flowing into the truth of Life.. with new sensitivities and eventually to fully live and let live.
The light in Gaia’s desire for Earth’s residents , is to live harmoniously with each other and with Nature and it is far greater than any political intrigues
Because Everything is Energy - here is the paradox with our senses: - it is that our eyes actually show us what we believe, rather than what we see.

5 D. ships

Hold your Light! ... as the ships of Light are approaching a New Earth that is fully moving with us into a 5th dimensionality of One!
Awakening to Life beyond Time & Space and navigating multiple time-lines.
Focus and tuning-in with Gratitude and Compassion for all things… allows moving out of all programming… thus we participate in the energetic Change of these Solar Events.
Readiness - for all our acquired belief systems to be obliterated - converts stress into opportunities and lifts the veil of a fake world…  Allowing more conscious creative Solar Downloads.. within the support of Nature and with group meditations.


Tranmuteo Angel - image from “TRANSMUTEO” a 30 minutes 3D animation film dvd
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"the SecondComing"
" Second Coming " 1979 : cover of Australian magazin " Simply Living "- issue about the origins of the Dolphin Consciousness and the birth of a new human's awareness with Earth & Sea's love and respect.

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