2013 DVD cover of " Voyage to Infinity with Whales and Dragons "

How far can our field of awareness extend?
How far can we merge our field with the "spirit-energy" field of a tree, of a dolphin, the rock in a mountain or the sea?...
These are our next steps in quantum or shamanic communication with extra-dimensional Beings,
and a few inspiring clues are in this film !

and here below is the inside

This Goddess is our Feminine aspect - Yin - Muse - Power of Freedom, of wisdom, INTUITION, sovereignty, inspiration, ingenuity, respect, courage, strength,  justice, strategy, and the arts.
And She, with the Whales and Dragons are guiding us to perceive and appreciate that

We are more than our body and our mind.

A multitude of worlds are inviting us to discover new perceptions, when we immerse ourselves into the untold truth of water and the light within.
Explore the feelings and energies of these... with dolphins, whales, dragons and their riveting and enchanting realms.

So true Jean-Luc! I was on a boat tour on Maui with a little 3 year old girl on board. When we entered one of the black lava caves she covered her eyes with her little hands. When I asked her after leaving why she has done that, she answered " the dragon did not want me to see his home!" we the adult of course did not see anything!! Thank you for doing such a wonderful artwork!

Hello Siegi… to comment about " the little girl in the Dragon's cave"… my experience with Dragons is that; events happen related to the observer's consciousness, and intentions.
Dragons are Masters of "wavelengths" and so they can become the wavelength's reality or realm they want to be. Human cannot see most of these wavelengths, coz it relates to our limited "tuning".
Very young children can. The little girl was wise, she intuitively picked up that the Dragon did not wanted to be seen by the tourists for obvious reasons… so she remained quiet.

It is the same for me and few friends… we connected with the Dragons only thru the innocence and purity of our heart.
But because our mind needs to catch up, we are now undergoing our own self initiation to master our brain waves into genuine joy with no expectations nor judgments.
This is meaning we are relearning how - to link our left brain to our right brain - to be able to see the Dragons or other Beings with our eyes or...
Children were more perceptive before society's distortion; where they loose their own inner vision, tuning, creativity and intuitions… So we have to relearn this purity and harmony with all life, the magic we were born with.
You see... my childhood's visions remain deeply alive that when I paint or made the movie i easily go into deep meditative state… there is no thinking, purely intuitive choices/play of Colors and Geometry that is the way the Dragons and the Whales communicate or interact with me.
But outside of this active meditation state, I am more like an average rational analytical man who needs few adjustments or training to surf this huge wave of Transformation, now taking place on Earth… and into this unprecedented Shift of Consciousness… by the letting go of the old paradigm of fear, doubts and limitations... and up into this Aquarian age of Expansion, a major innovative quantum lip in awareness with All That Is, even infinite fields of the unknown and unseen.

Dragons are the Keepers of Treasures... but what is the most precious treasure for you?

Confucius said: "But what to do with the dragon, I do not know.
The dragon's ascent into heaven on the wind and the clouds is something which is beyond my knowledge.
... is like a well; used but never used up.
It is like the eternal void; filled with infinite possibilities.
It is hidden but always present. I don't know who gave birth to it.
It is older than God.
Today, I have seen Lao-tzu, and he is a Dragon! "

And the Dragon said:
"If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of
If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then
eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”


"Only the soul knows what Love is.." Rumi

Dragons, whales, dolphins and other unseen Beings are so at ONE with Nature that they easily merge with it.
And only the pure innocence of children see them!
Their codes - or way of communication - are frequencies of beauty and harmony… informations beyond our linear thinking. Yet unknown to the rational mind, these can be decoded by our own energy centers and used appropriately by our "higher self" or soul. Human had no training for subtle perception, it is dormant and this is why I illustrate and present in the film the Feminine attributes of intuition etc… to better visualize these flows. ( "She" activates the Rainbow Serpent , Kundalini or the Caduceus-spirals of the alignment of our chakras centers to open the Pineal Gland or - Door to Infinity - the next step into Multi-versal Living )

Astrologically 2012 to 2015 will be very emotionally powerful and expanding for all (as Uranus Square Pluto )
Forces are awakening deep within all of us ... to clear our limitations and move into our true joy… of living our higher potentials.
Many Light Beings, Dolphins, Whales and Dragons will inspire us to move these Energies... they are masters in these. The Transformation is a Transmutation opening the gate to the vaster perspectives of our Right Brain.

What is the Nature of our own consciousness?

How will we keep our heart and "third eye" open
for the subtle communications coming from the Beyond.
What is our true responsibility to ourselves, to our children, to our animals and to our precious Planet?

How do the Whales & Dolphins integrate with Life on Earth and beyond the Time-Space Dimension?
… and if we could think like they do… what would we perceive?

Can we still nurture our own inner state of Peace…
to facilitate our connection with the Energy fields of Higher Intelligences
who transmit via holographic and telepathic ways.

And thus, can we shift our ways towards harmonious solutions
for living with Earth, the Galaxy and the infinite Unknown?

Warmed by the Dragon Breath…. we transmute what seems so hopeless and devastating... into a life of deep and serene gratitude
… for the little pearls of wisdom in the most humble blooms of nature… as if we were drinking dew drops.
Be like a bee or a dragon , flow with the waves of your kundalini and along the Earth's dragon ley lines.
You will see the unseen Beauty all around and within.

Before taking on the family and culture's giant-3d-holographic world matrix, a child sees the invisible Power of Nature.
Living the Mystery…. by changing his/her view on everything to a view of bewilderment.
In this state of awe start again seeing the invisible flowing thru everything

... And with wonders in our heart… what Magic are we birthing!?
Remember - INFINITY - beyond the confined Space-Time of the human conditioning… we exist in expanding Beauty.
We can reshape our projected thoughts-holograms into your own universe...and within the "here and now", beyond the timeline of separation and the linear thinking... we exist as one - in this infinite ONENESS.

To understand the Universe, study and understand these things:

First - the Oneness - beyond time/space
Second - the Great Two, the forces of yin and yang;
Third - Heaven, Earth, and Man, or as body, mind, and spirit;

Fourth - the Four Forces, strong, weak, light, and heavy;
Fifth - the Five Elements, symbolized by water, fire, wood, metal, and earth;
Sixth - the Six Breaths- wind, cold, heat, moisture, dryness, and inflammation:
which transform the climate and the internal organs;

Seventh - the processes of Change and recycling;
Eighth - the Eight Great Manifestations - Heaven, Earth, Water, Fire, Thunder, Lake, Wind, and Mountain:
the combinations of which reveal the subtle energetic truth of all situations.

Understanding these things, we can employ them internally to create magic of Earth,
and fly into the Great Mystery of All That Is and Infinity.

When we dream, we are fishing in some vast ocean of mythology ...

25 years of our life is spent into the Unknown… into Dreamtime.
We have a "linear-left-brain" that only downloads linear data and unable to decipher our other mind states.
yet If we could plug into a tree we could feel holographic downloads:
the patterns of light from the sun and sky combined with the patterns of water from the roots….
and all the links to infinite life forms of the Earth and of the Cosmos.
What would that hold? - The realms of whales and dolphins are also the realm of Light and Water.
More than a quarter of each day is living in this mystery… and life goes on until we pass on into other realms
What could we harvest from adventuring in this Mystery now?
Bless the world with the power of your visions, visualizations and dreams!

" You were born with ideals and dreams, ... with greatness, ... with wings, You are not meant for crawling, so don't. You have wings, Learn to use them and fly!" -Rumi

"You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in the drop." - Rumi

Predicting The Future ! "I do spend time trying to think about what I cannot imagine." - Nicholas Negroponte

who are we !?
Here is how , we are more than man or woman, more than American or Foreigner…
in our deep Inner Peace … we are a Soul… one with Everything. ( of course that is when we dare to step beyond the linear thinking )

We are the life force power of the universe.. understand the limitation of the left brain hemisphere and the expansiveness of the right brain

Jill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists neuroanatomist would wish for: She had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions -- motion, speech, self-awareness -- shut down one by one. An astonishing story.

"...I am riding in an ambulance to the General Hospital…. I just felt my energy lift and just -- I felt my spirit surrender.
… When I woke later that afternoon, I was shocked to discover that I was still alive. When I felt my spirit surrender, I said goodbye to my life.
And my mind was now suspended between two very opposite planes of reality. Stimulation coming in through my sensory systems felt like pure pain. ...and I just wanted to escape.
Because I could not identify the position of my body in space, I felt enormous and expansive, like a genie just liberated from her bottle. And my spirit soared free, like a great whale gliding through the sea of silent euphoria. Nirvana. I found Nirvana. And I remember thinking, there's no way I would ever be able to squeeze the enormousness of myself back inside this tiny little body., But then I realized, "But I'm still alive! I'm still alive, and I have found Nirvana. And if I have found Nirvana and I'm still alive, then everyone who is alive can find Nirvana."

… and I pictured a world filled with beautiful, peaceful, compassionate, loving people who knew that they could come to this space at any time. And that they could purposely choose to step to the right of their left hemispheres and find this peace. And then I realized what a tremendous gift this experience could be, what a stroke of insight this could be to how we live our lives. And it motivated me to recover.

So who are we? We are the life-force power of the universe, with manual dexterity and two cognitive minds. And we have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world. Right here, right now, I can step into the consciousness of my right hemisphere, where we are. I am the life-force power of the universe. I am the life-force power of the 50 trillion beautiful molecular geniuses that make up my form, at one with all that is. Or, I can choose to step into the consciousness of my left hemisphere, where I become a single individual, a solid. Separate from the flow, separate from you. I am Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: intellectual, neuroanatomist. These are the "we" inside of me. Which would you choose? Which do you choose? And when? I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner-peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be." Dr Jill Bolte Taylor neuroanatomist - www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html


" You must love in such a way , that the person you love feels free " -Thich Nhat Hanh


Same with everything we love…
When I enter the most simple state of being…
( no agendas, no phone nor pressures ) ... new worlds open to me like abundant ways of living and feeling… when I can find my sacred garden - of simply living here now -
Nature helps like a key of this door to Infinity..
where a golden sunset or a simple flower can trigger the Real World to open up. And a way to the fairies, dolphins, dragons and whales kingdom… and all our unseen friends. JL

Joan will soon present the Wisdom of the Whales into a 2014 book, (here is a short extract )

The Whales :

"… We would ask for the active support in rethinking your true Source...

...The infinite One exists outside of Time and is not subject to time... Even the divine Mind cannot predict free will.”

“ It is clear that the Aquarian age has already begun…but it means nothing to us, or to the divine Mind. However on Earth we are moving toward reaching a climax point soon, because that is an important time for you. It is a new era.

And we are hoping to reach a critical mass then. Your planet will be surrounded by universal love and peace. We are making that our current goal.
But it depends on your free will, as a human species, whether or not that manifests. We will certainly put all our energy behind it.”
"... It is important for us that you care about us and the Waters."

"… This work and play is our belief in Love. Love is the only true faith. Whether or not you believe in Whales, you must sooner or later adopt the philosophy that the only true spirituality is the presence of love, not the mindless adherence to doctrine and dogma. But the Path of Love, the active knowing that Love is God.

Our history is accessible to every one of our species, through shared karmic or genetic memory.
The Way of Love is written in the very neural circuitry of our brains.
The love of the Eternal Mind is ignited in you and in us when we love each other”.
© 2013-2014 Joan Ocean book

“The demon that you can swallow gives you it’s power… " Joseph Campbell

Unknown to me, I went into a Dragon's den.
Then I flew back to my home island but at night the Dragon came…
It was real... and scary…
yet aspect of my mind was so amazed by this mesmerizing and awesome event …
it naturally for me became a creative experience.

"..we lose the need to fear the fears as the dragon suddenly changes shape... we no longer see a shadow .. but a marvel of colours, splendors, magnificence and an integral part of our essence."
"..the dragons are alive and well, living in the recesses within, snouts steaming and wings outstretched ready to soar..."
"During this time of continued inner unrest there is an increased awareness of the ‘monsters’ within; the monster in the wardrobe lurks ominously in the corner and even though we intuitively know that fear feeds it, we still tend to do everything within our power to avoid getting too close or to face that fear head on.
"As a result, by avoiding the fear and trying instead to keep on keeping on, we create a kind of mental dungeon which stops us from feeling connected and unified with the universal whole.
"Yet, why do we fear the monsters within? Are the dragons truly something to fear or slay? Perhaps the dragons of myth and legend present us with an important lesson now and with the need to make a choice: friend or foe.
"...a kind of spiritual and mental agoraphobia preventing us from befriending the beast within?
" Contemplate the idea of letting go of the struggle; the vibration and energy of the moment changes considerably as the fear subsides, the angst fades away and the inner dungeon becomes illuminated by the radiant beams of the sun and by the glowing heart of the dragon.
If we fear the monsters, the dragons and even the leviathans, we turn them into the very thing that we resist the most: doubt, pain, angst...Yet, when we befriend the forces within, we do not give up and let the pain take over, but we lose the need to fear fear as the dragon suddenly changes shape as we no longer see a shadow lurking ominously in the darkness at the back of the wardrobe, but we can marvel at the colour, splendour and magnificence at this important and integral part of our essence.

We are now knee-deep in a time to open up the cupboard doors to let the light illuminate all of the corners, nooks and crannies within. It is important not to fight the dragon but to realise that the dragon is a part of the complete puzzle of our lives. We are the accumulation of everything we have been, everything we have done and everything we are yet to do. So, when we face the opportunity to ‘jump ship’ in order to head for a new wave of spiritual consciousness that inspires freedom within, the dragons can come along as well, for they are a part of us; always have been, always will be.
We are ready now to take strength from the fear ... the strength rising up from within inspiring us to soar with the dragon...
( read more on Sarah-Jane Grace www.sarahjanegrace.com )

The Atlantis Syndrome ( excerpt from Kyron )

I know it's controversial to many of you. How many of you were on Atlantis? As the many hands go up, I say to you, "Really? Which Atlantis were you on?" There were far more than one, dear Human. Let me ask you, "What happened there?" Then you might say, "We had this advanced society and we were terminated because we did something wrong. This stays in our Akash and we know it."

Dear ones, your societies have simply done the same thing the Greeks did, only it's a little more modern. This all comes from the Akash, believe it or not. It's a conceptual belief that consciousness is the same all over the Universe and, of course, its Human consciousness. You are really not aware of anything more intelligent than you are, so you don't have any other concept for God.

So why the Atlantis issue? Alright, I'll explain it yet again, Lemurian. You got off that large mountain of Hawaii when it started to sink. It was your home for thousands of years - the highest mountain on Earth....

Do you know what Lemurians love to do and what is in their Akash to this day? Lemurians look for other islands to live on. It's in the concepts of what they have in their DNA,... Did you know that was in your Akash, old soul?

So what do you think you did next, Lemurian, after another island sank? Most of you would escape - and look for another island! The next lifetime, you would look for still another island! It's interesting, but it's extremely Human, that when bad things happen, .... The real Gaia Effect is actually a beautiful cooperation with Human consciousness! But your Akash, which is very elusive, will give you a totally different concept.

So the old soul remembers Atlantis incorrectly. Atlantis is simply a generic name for any island you lived on that destroyed itself while you were on it. ... and it sticks in your conceptual DNA as one big event.

As far as advanced technology, let me tell you what you "remember" as advanced technology. It's not what you have today. It's high-minded conscious thinking. That's your high tech, because on an island you can get together like you did in Lemuria and raise the vibration of the land that you're on. It's not about machinery and blinking lights. It's about a consciousness that could change physics.

The New Akashic Drivers

I now want to tell you about the new drivers of the Akash. They are compassionate action, love and finished business.
These are the ones that are going to be broadcast from the old soul DNA to old soul brains.

This process will allow the Akash to speak to the brain and the innate body in higher concepts, those of compassion. Ask a doctor if he's ever seen mind over matter. A doctor who works closely with death and dying will have amazing stories about how Human Beings can get up from their death beds when some of them decide they are worthy of being here. What do you think of spontaneous remission? This is the Human changing course.

The Results of New Consciousness and a Changing Akash

The Akash speaks to you through concepts. The new energy carries different survival drivers for the old soul. Into your brain will be delivered concepts where there is no more karma. It has been voided, we told you to drop karma, for it is not needed anymore. Go forward with Akashic energy that you create yourself for your future instead of a concept from the past.

Some of you are mystified and feel odd, because without the driver of karma you seem empty. Well, let me tell you, it's time to understand what that feeling is. It means that you control your life! It means you're not a victim of the circumstances that push and pull you around. You've dropped the old energy driver of karma and so now it's time to create!

Past lives will not have the influence that they used to and the things that you used to remember about the past are starting to recalibrate. Now you will begin to remember success, love, compassion and results that come through high thinking. Imagine a Human Being who is driven so completely by positive things that he/she will develop books and television shows and movies about positive things. Imagine how that might change what others see and feel. Imagine how the few can show something to the many, which might change the planet!

Dear ones, you are going to start remembering, not old mythology, but the reality of God. You are part of the puzzle, and you now carry the solution. You deserve to be here and the more you awaken, the longer you are going to live. Consciousness awareness of a compassionate mind will extend life. You will never see an angry God in your compassionate mindset. You will never see the mythology of a creator who has judgment.
That never existed! It's a Human thought placed upon God. Gaia will become your partner on Earth, not a frightening force you have to give offerings to any more than you would a Human partner. You will fall in love with Gaia. Do you see the differences? This is the elusive Akash, which is recalibrating itself to become a lot less elusive. This pushes Human Beings into a whole other consciousness of being. Then you start realizing that the masters of the planet all had it.
And so it is.-
Kryon via Lee Carroll

You and the Land are the same… when you'll feel the Light and the Water flow… All become ONE and same infinite life.

with this Solar Shift… the Rebooting into a higher Consciousness of new light and sounds… leading to scientific discoveries…
of frequencies revealing the world of the Elemental Kingdom

They are going to begin to accidentally find the Elemental Kingdom , all of the fairies, the gnomes, the sprites...
this all strata of consciousness that vibrates in different light consciousness
(that we have understood or access to in the third dimensional world prior to December 2012 )
You going to begin to have an awareness in these new technologies of frequencies and vibrations, lof ight and sounds, an awareness is that are going to allow you to access your telepathy, your clear audience, your clairvoyance, your sensory perceptions with a very full bandwidth
it is going to become the way of life as we move into these next 5-6 years some like yourselves will begin to have intentional consciousness to experience this, some assembly are required, not a gift suddenly given but….. requiring an - intention - , an attention to the intention is required.
If you move into the old patterns of fear there will be challenges,
but rather say hello to this new experience, hold your balance and neutrality and treat it as an adventure … and you're going to find some remarkable rewards.

So as the Sun begins to restart itself opening up a tremendous bandwidths with more colors and sounds frequencies
and lights opportunities and new experiences. You're going to find in the next few years some extraordinary adventures.
- Jim Self - MasteringAlchemy


Voyage to Infinity?

Yes, there is life beyond the linear time & space world that we believe daily.
The wise one called this reality illusion... it's like going into the "holodeck" of a Star Trek's episode
where we can choose from a multiple of linear time/space realities.
And now conscious of this perspective...
this journey-film-meditation offers you a glimpse into the next larger holographic realms of Existence.
( holographic being encompassing all time in all directions, all at once )

Like all of us, I came onto the planet at birth by entering a body-like vessel,
for trips scaling from 8 days up to 90 years.
( like if it was the week trip holiday of a tourist in an exotic place for the experiences and flavors of this planet )
I can't remember the specs of this cosmic game but
I do remember the expansiveness of Life before the birth into a body and a mind.
The others kids also remembered but surrendered to Earth's existing systems of the collective mind.

Meanwhile when I stop thinking ( as monkey linear mind ), and breathe deeply,
I enter a time warp's depth of being present within a creative peace dimension where
everything I genuinely "Love" can happen, and it does.
In time life may seem shallow, sad, fun or important but mostly it is temporary or transitory…
while in state of "peace" our true existence is Infinity
And deep within our meditative states resides our precious gift of Intuition :
the faculty to discover the timeless beauty of "simply" living
with our higher latent potentials.

Within this state I access the generating Love's field in each little simple things of life
( maybe "appreciation" is an type of green energy )
as they are also the entry-singularity-points into vaster dimensions
also the threads participating in the construction of the supreme Big Picture.
That is... we are Light Beings ( photonic beings ) having a physical experience on this Island of Earth.
And while our fears mostly stall Evolution ...
we are creating more wonders with our Dreams, mostly generated by our Love.

Our beliefs create our world,
I changed my beliefs and I changed my world
I saw that the purpose of life is to create our own new world,
so this film is a vision that also demonstrates foremost that All There Is ... is Love and Creation.
Here I breathe deeply so I exist - Now I think deeply so I create -
and All is One everything else changes.

Somehow I stayed fascinated by these memories, visions and imaginations throughout my entire life.
These "feelings" ( larger than thoughts because charged with the energies of passion, spirit and emotion )
prompted me to leave Europe for the Pacific Islands at age 19,
perhaps for purer contact with the Power that merges the seas with the stars ...


Honey from our beehive with all the magic nectar from the flowers and vegetables that keep us healthy... a big MAHALO to Nature and our gardeners.

At our place here ...Many bees are buzzing on the flowers… their sounds and dances uplift our heart and soul.
And so, what type of magic is expanding outside the hive … beyond the sweet elixir building up inside.
What is the relationship, network and patterns between the nectar of flowers and all life around?
How does the collective unconscious of the hive effect or causes changes on the surroundings?
How can we view Life, Love and Creation from a greater Cosmic mind or mind of One?

The paradox of living on Earth is that this "Sacredness" is not only in our imagination, hearts, and illuminations,
it is also everywhere in Nature, in our gardens, our flowers, our fruits, our walks, our swims,
our relationships, and our play...

when we can consciously enter "Nothingness"
this rich void in "Inner Peace" is at once emptiness and also all that ever was and will be,
the unseen blueprints, the absolute force, this vital Energy and Timeless-Spaceless Holographic World…
All these little earthy things are Entrances into the magic of Life :

like a simple drop of water holding the secret of where we come from, who we truly are and where we are going!
... the world is within me as much as I am in this world ...
now is when & where our perception expands to realize our connection to the essence of ONE-ness !
that is a way to INFINITY!

Enjoy the show - Jean-Luc



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