These films are active meditations... while you are entertained by traveling through these etherial and moving sceneries,
your right-brain / intuitive field ... is activated to expand into your own inner and new perspectives ... for New Beginnings.


“Transmuteo” is a 30 minute animated visual feast of the beautiful inner world of visionary artist, Jean-Luc Bozzoli.
A French artist living in the Pacific Islands for the past 40 years, Jean-Luc has spent thousands of hours
immersed in the holographic undersea world of wild dolphins and whales, sharing the visions and wisdoms
awakened within him through his art... by feeling the multi-aspects of Nature.
This DVD assists in shifting consciousness into this New Time/Space realm of Creative Experience.


” the edge of our universe, this jeweler is working alchemy with light... is this garden you hope to see in your next life time...” Jim Channon Social Architect HOW

”…a vision of what our reality must be like in the higher dimensions… it continually brought tears to my eyes and triggered
beautiful memories of times long gone by...” Ronna Herman Author/Lecturer

" ..."Transmuteo'' is presented with the elegance and integrity of a mystic Artist on Spiritual Quest. Jean-Luc's latest offering is the
fruit of many years of deep personal exploration of 4th Dimensional relationship, the Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine and
the perspectival shift that occurs in the individual undergoing spiritual evolution." the Tsa'A'Densoul, Storyteller

Use this film to focus your mind and manifest your intentions.

These organic and crystalline visuals build up a meditative field of love,
which assist in organizing our dreams into positive affirmations...

The hypnotic and TRANCE-LIKE effects set a protective field, which will balance
your left and right brain at a quantum level.

REALIZE your highest creative potential through immersion in this DVD EXPERIENCE.

Clarify the unconscious, access your multi-dimensionality, and ease into the new paradigms.
- Claudia Suen, Self-development coach.

Engaging E.T. civilizations with Art.

Art is an expression of our heart. The center of a passionate energy that spins in our chest, projecting music, visions and ideas.
Heart is the key to a Love beyond all imagination, yet what we can imagine opens the gates that lift up our inner potentials to free our soul.

For art sake, I open my heart, like an intuitive radar to explore the vastness of the universe and to creatively approach Beings that live in higher realms.
Beyond the stars there are infinite horizons of incredible beauty and even if my eyes can't see, my spirit reaches and is very active there.
As most of these wonder are not visible by three dimensional human standards.

Have we ever wonder about all the dreams our mind can't remember in the morning? and yet something happened but we are only left with a feeling.

Now with TRANSMUTEO, access advanced parallel civilizations in company of the gentle holographic power of dolphins and whales.
Their language is an multi-dimensional organic geometry, and it awakes the blueprints which are dormant within us to reconnect with our original patterns of forever expanding possibilities.

The International Dolphin Connection in HAWAII


A  beautiful  Wave of  Change

"Jean-Luc made this picture as a strong introduction to his new film
- Voyage to Infinity with Whales & Dragons -
The film transmits how Dolphins, Whales and unknown Beings work with colors & geometric codes,
Frequencies to hold the planet in her beauty of Harmony and Life.

The Dragon is also the Keeper of an higher Treasure:
the Flow of - Water & Light - that unites all our Energy Centers, or Chakras like a rainbowed caduceus ...
the key into the blossoming of our full potentials..
where our next journey will be our multi-dimensional life."

Open the latest Portals to travel towards INFINITY with Whales and Dragons


Whales . . . . Dragons . . . . Swim with Dolphins


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